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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Chore Chart...Free Download for You!

I have extolled how THE Princess is going through the Obstinate Threes. Well, I have finally figured out a way to lessen the chaos of our days. The chore chart! I kid you not. I realized that THE Princess needed a more defined way to show that she is a valuable and contributing member of the family.

First, I listed the things that she can do every day. Feed and water the dog. Help set the table for dinner and clear the dishes when we are done. Help with laundry (sorting, carrying, helping me fold, pouring in the soap, or moving the wet from washer to dryer). Picking up toys and the general mess before we go upstairs to bed.

We used that for a couple weeks and then I modified. We added if she did Triple Play at church on Sunday. What color she was on (behavior-wise) at school for the day. Then I added a place where we can list what her job at school was, something nice she did, and something she did without being asked to do. We have had a lot of luck with these! She really likes to be able to fill in these squares. I have tied it in with some vocabulary I want her to know. These include: compliment, gracious, and cooperation.

You can fill it in with stickers but at our house, I just draw in stars. Lame, I know. Plus, I know if I get stickers I run out and forget to pick up more. Then what? Major. Disappointment. Seriously. I am trying to keep her expectations low.

**Edited to add: This has been working really well for us. If all the stars are on the chart at the end of the week, THE Princess gets to have a "date" with mom or dad to go to McDonald's for an ice cream cone. Can I just say that is is totally worth the $2. Totally. Worth. It.

You can create a chore chart with all the things you do, but who wants to do that? Not me! I searched in vain for a free download that I could use. They are out there, but I didn't really like any of them. So, I made one myself. (This is my first attempt at the file share thing. Please bear with me!) So try it for yourself here and see what you think.


Karly said...

This looks great! My printer is out of ink right now (of course), so I wasn't able to print it out. But I am excited to try it out. My four year old really would love something like this. He does well with structure and positive reinforcement. Thanks for sharing this!

On another note...at first I was a little overwhelmed with your "notebook" post. Since then I have started using a notebook to write down my daily list of things I need to do and random things that pop in my head that I want to remember. It actually has really been great. I have been inspired. It's still not as pretty or as extensive as yours, but I guess I gotta start somewhere right?

Donna said...

It's uncanny that you posted about this, Bryssy, since we just started using a chore chart with KID 1 this weekend. I picked up a superman costume on clearance after Halloween and, let me tell you, this kid is killing himself trying to earn this costume! He is doing ALL of his regular chores every day and just coloring in the square with a crayon by himself when he completes a job.

Then we made up some "Super Chores" for him to do to earn extra stuff, like the Superman costume. He's doing GREAT so far! I would highly recommend using chore charts with the 3 and up kids. It makes them feel sooooo responsible.

The notebook thing sounds really handy. It would be nice to have a place to jot my ideas for stories and articles, plus note any obligations I make for myself...I need to get going and make myself a pretty cover like Teresa made for Bryssy's birthday notebook! I have two of those small "refill" notebooks from the bookstore with the brown cardboard cover. Very plain. But it's a great size.

Donna said...

And THANKS for sharing! Great job on the download...you'll have to fill me in on how you did it!

Pam said...

Hey Bryssy, Great post. I am going to download the file and use it instead of my sticker method. I think it would give us more structure. Have a great day!

Bryssy said...

Karly and Donna, I find writing everything down (Simple Mom has this theory better explained on her site) gets it out of your head so that you have less to get discombobulated. That works for me. I jot notes, ideas, websites, my prayer lists, and all kinds of random stuff into mine. I am so glad it is working for you!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I got my file to work!

THE Princess is so thrilled when we go over he chart at the end of the day. It's a nice little time to spend together, and then we don't have to run to the chart everytime we do something!