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Monday, May 24, 2010

Make Your Own Water Table

I posted this on my Fireflies and Jellybeans blog , (that is why the water marks on on all the pics) But I thought it would work here too!
I am taking a break from the Love Budget this week because we are having fun playing outside! :)
It is getting HOT here! And that means more time outside playing with water! I would LOVE to have a water table but I do not want to spend the $30-$60 to get one... so I made my own for FREE! I had ALL of this stuff at my house and I bet you do too!

Here is what you will need to make a little water table!
One big storage tote ( This is a sweater tote 41 gallon... but use you what you have!)
Cookie sheet to act as a tray
Various water toys/cups:
Measuring cups
watering can
foam fish stickers
bath toys

I looked around my kitchen and bathroom for about 5 minutes and found lots of fun things

I placed my big storage tote on two outdoor foot stools (little tables or chairs would work too. Or you could just leave it on the ground!) I filled it up with water and put all the toys in to play. All done! It is all ready to play with!

You can scoop out some fish with the net (mini-strainer)

Or pour water out of the watering can

Or watch your little one have hours of fun with the water!

It was a great summer activity. My son had SOOOOO MUCH fun! He was soaking wet too, so next time I think I will put him in his swim suit!
The other great thing about this water table is that it is easy to store! Just put all of your stuff back and store some stuff in your tote and you are set!


Rachel said...

What a fun idea! Thanks! :)

Karly said...

Great idea! I will definitely have to try this! And your little model is simply adorable. Cannot wait to see him in person this summer!

Donna said...

Looks like fun, Fawnda! I did a similar thing for our son once, but with three smaller bins. I remember one had rice, but I can't remember what the other two things were. It was a texture station. Maybe sand and beans...I truly can't remember. I wasn't blogging back then, so there's no "record" of it! I think it was too cold to play in water, so I came up with alternatives.

Fawnda said...

We had a lot of fun and every day he asks for "more water please!!"

I love the idea of rice/beans/sand for an inside activity! But it was 90 degrees today so I think we will stick with water for now! :)

Karly I cannot wait to see you (and your fam) this summer either!

Lindsay said...

Very cute! I'll have to try that expecially for my 2 yr old who gets bored when sisters are at school (or VBS this summer).