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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Only Rose is Left...

Have you ever felt like sitting on the couch all afternoon while watching a "Golden Girls" marathon and drinking yourself into a stupor? I feel like that today. I can't, however, because 1. I don't have any "Golden Girls" DVDs and it doesn't come on TV until 5, 2. I don't want to watch "Golden Girls" in front of my impressionable children, and 3. I don't drink if I'm the only adult available to take care of said children. I have the "Golden Girls" on my mind because I recently re-discovered how hilarious Betty White is and I found out today that Rue McClanahan died. That caps off our recent trio of celebrity deaths - Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, and now Miss Rue. The death of Rue makes me sad, although I never really liked her character on the show because she's a major whore. There are a lot of things that are making me sad lately, and mowing on Saturday and Sunday didn't even make me feel better.
You see, I love mowing. It's great exercise, I get some sun (while wearing sunscreen, of course), I get a break from my kids, it's instant gratification because I can see the fruits of my labor almost instantly, and I cut the grass in small sections, which is therapeutic for my ADD brain. The biggest reason why I love mowing, though, is because I am a brooder. When I have things on my mind, I don't particularly like to talk about them (which can make therapy a little interesting, but I digress...). I like to process. Mowing, and any other "hard work," help me to process things, especially if I'm also listening to my iPod at the same time. I sometimes feel like God is speaking to me through my iPod, to comfort me, to cheer me up, to make me sort through my emotions, however negative, and to get my mind off of the stress that is in my life.
I have 3 big things going on right now. One is good - a possible move to another house - but stressful nonetheless. One is a health concern that is most likely nothing, but I've had to wait a long time to find out. Another is the Big Ugly Situation involving my mother and a lawyer. What's funny about these situations being in my life is that these are not what are making me sad today. I am sad about freaking Rue McClanahan and the fact that Betty White probably doesn't have much time left, either. I am sad because my son has ringworm - again. I am sad because it rained all afternoon and now we can't go out to play unless I want my kids to get filthy. I am sad because I'm probably the reason why my kids are afraid to get dirty.
This is probably a normal reaction. I can't really handle the big stuff right now, especially the medical thing and the lawyer thing, so I'm focusing on the little stuff. Mowing didn't help and drinking certainly won't, so I'll just stress eat today and look forward to tomorrow, when I'll at least have an answer on my medical thing. Maybe once that's over I can stop mourning over celebrities and dreaming of drowning myself in vice.


Karly said...

Liz, those are 3 REALLY BIG things! I will say a prayer for you, that God has His hand on the outcome of each one. And that He will give you peace that surpasses all understanding. It's no wonder that the Golden Girls and ringworm are making you sad.

I do have to say, I can really relate on the ADD, processing, and the I-pod therapy. Good thing I know a few good therapists!

Rachel said...

Sometimes our "stuff" just sucks, doesn't it? At least you get to cross one of those things off your list today--praying for you!

Donna said...

That's a lot to process. It's funny you enjoy mowing. I do, too. It's so orderly it's GOT to be therapeutic. Except when you keep hitting giant sticks your kid collects and drops in the tall grass at random spots. WHACK! and the projectile stick chunks fling out the side. Every now and then it happens and I'm startled into shouting out bad words, which I otherwise rarely use. I'm sure my neighbors think it's hilarious.

Keep me posted on your 3 BIG THINGS going on in your life. I'm praying for you.

Liz said...

Thanks, ladies. Donna, that is just too funny. :) And Karly, yes, there are some great therapists in your family. ;)

Lindsay said...

I agree that life sucks sometimes. I am one to clean when I have a sad day. Like weird cleaning. Once I wiped down all my baseboards and doorframes because of something that was bothering me.

You are in my prayers. You do have 3 big things going on right now, and it's easier to stress over the little stuff than it is to think about the big things. If you ever need to talk please give me a call. Or type out a long email, just to get it out...that's what I do.

And if all else fails Donna had a great suggestion. Go somewhere where your kids can't hear and yell swear words at the top of your lungs. :)

Liz said...

UPDATE: It's all good, folks. My test was normal. AND Ethan is taking his ringworm medicine like a big boy (with a milk/cookie chaser). Micah doesn't have to take the medicine because the ointment is working for him. We are moving into our new house in August and our current house is for sale. As for my mom, well, I just can't worry about that. It is what it is. I love you all - thanks for your prayers and friendship.