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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Want to see what will ruin my summer?

Would you like to see it from a different angle?

Yes. That is my ankle. And really, the second picture doesn't do all the pretty colors justice. Last week I blew out my ankle. Would you like to know how? Or, rather, why? Because I am a big ol' klutz. That's it. I'm clumsy, so I will spend my entire summer in a brace and part of the time on crutches because I can't do plyometrics without turning my ankle the direction it was not meant to turn. The good news is: 1. It's not broken (although sometimes a break is better than a sprain, especially when it's sprained as severely as mine is), 2. I don't need surgery, and 3. School is out, which means my MIL and SIL are able to help me quite a bit. And yes, it is overkill to say this ankle sprain (4 torn ligaments! 3 month recovery!) will "ruin" my summer, but here is a list of things that will just not be the same:
1. VBS. I can't work it because I'm not terribly mobile, even with the crutches, but my kids can still attend. So I get 5 half-days to myself. Huh. Wait, that actually turned out pretty well. Okay, scratch that.
New #1. I'm going to get fat. It's inevitable. I can't do anything physical. No circuit training, no weight training, no running, no elliptical, no kickboxing. I was even considering going back to tae kwon do, but I won't be able to do anything strenuous until September, most likely. This lack of physical activity not only makes me flabbier, but it makes me cranky, too.
2. The Keys. Todd and I are going to the Keys in less than 2 weeks, by ourselves. I still won't be able to walk long distances, although I should be off the crutches by then, so there won't be any walking around Key West for shopping or people-watching. We can't go kayaking because of Todd's recent shoulder surgery (it takes a long time to recover from that) and I can't very well bike. I guess we'll be spending all of our time either in the hotel room or lying out by the pool, reading and sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. Bummer.
3. Busch Gardens. They have a special going this summer where you can get a year's pass for kids 5 and under for free because they've opened up a new Elmo-themed preschool area. I was planning on going there a lot but I don't think I will now. Can you imagine me on one of those motorized carts trying to chase after 2 kids in a theme park?
4. Potty training. Micah really is doing great with using the toilet, especially since I started him almost a full year younger than I started Ethan. I can't remember the last time I bought diapers. But he's taking advantage of me. It's like he says in his head, "Hmmmm. Mommy's laid up on the couch with a hurt foot. I wonder what'll happen if I pee on the books."
5. Sleep. Since I'm lying around all day, I'm not expending much energy, so I'm not tired at night. My brain is probably going to turn to mashed potatoes because I'm watching more TV than usual and wasting even more time on the computer. And that's saying something.
All this has made me realize that I wasn't made for sitting around. But I'm sure, like in all things, God is trying to teach me something. Patience, maybe? Loss of control? Or maybe that my problems are small. My last post was pretty dismal and this one is just whiny. But oil is spilling out of control into the Gulf and people are losing their jobs and many in Haiti still don't have homes. I am blessed because I sit here with a brace and crutches that my insurance company (partly) paid for, insurance that I have because my husband has a good job, and my belly is full and my kids are healthy and my house is air-conditioned. Ugh. I'm tired of learning this lesson. I wish I weren't so.....human.


Fawnda said...

All I have to say is "OUCH!"

Maybe this is God's way os slowing you down! Maybe you need to sit by the pool and sip drinks! Maybe I need to sit by the pool and sip drinks too!: )

Here is to a quick recovery! : )

Lindsay said...

Ugh! I am so sorry. When I fractured my ankle my freshman year I missed out on a lot of end of the school activies, and I was only on crutches for 6 weeks. So know your pain just a tiny bit, and that really sucks!

Like I said we'll have you guys over to play in the sprinkler sometime soon. VBS in next week for my girls and my MIL will be her until the 30th, so when you get back from the keys we will set a plan.

And I hear you on the potty training. She did really well today, but I know that will probably be followed by a not so great day tomorrow.

Karly said...

We are living parallel lives!! I could not believe when I read your post today. Actually, I received three phone messages telling me I needed to see your post. And that they actually thought I was the one writing this post until they saw "Liz" at the bottom.

I injured my foot/ankle over the weekend too!

I actually wrote my post for tomorrow on Wed. night. But I could have just written "Ditto".
Although I did not have any photos! Nice touch.

I feel your pain! Literally!! Here's to a speedy recovery for both of us.

Liz said...

Nooooo, Karly! Isn't it such a pain in the....well, foot? Hoping you heal quickly and I do, too!