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Monday, June 14, 2010

A Home Study and a Wedding Dress...

We have been busy the last few weeks. {As I assume everyone else is since not a lot of new posts are showing up here on Motley Moms!} Our business has been mostly about our adoption for kid #2! We finalized our home study last week and we are officially on the waiting list! Hooray!! We are super excited! We are on the waiting list for a girl. The wait time will be much longer than it was with Kid #1 but we are trusting in God's timing.

Our Social Worker (SW) came to our home to update our home study from Kid #1's adoption. It is not a huge deal, but we wanted our house to be clean... I mean this person is going to help decide if we can take on another kid, so I want the illusion that our house is clean. And since she will be touring the WHOLE house, I can not just pick up the main level and leave the child safety gates up at both sets of stairways to block her from seeing the other 2 levels where I stashed all the junk from the main floor, like I usually do with company! (Oh no- now my secret is out!)

I am the WORST when it comes to cleaning! I am A.D.D. and sentimental. I will start to clean an area and I will get distracted or start looking at each item I am supposed to be cleaning and remember all the "good times" we had with it. Cleaning the photo albumn shelf is a 2 + hour job since I look through each one!

So, I was cleaning the storage closet and came across my wedding dress tote. (I stored my dress in a big storage tote with baby blue tissue paper to keep it white).... I start thinking of our wedding day and how beautiful and happy and young we were... and then I start thinking "hmmmmmmm I wonder if it still fits? " I open it up and it looks pretty and white so, I stop cleaning and try on my wedding dress.

And guess what....


After 12 years of marriage, I can still fit into my wedding dress! I go and show my husband who laughs and then tells me that I look beautiful! Good man!

Armed with new self-confidence, I was able to clean my house like never before! {don't worry, I changesd out of my dress to finish cleaning!}


Lindsay said...

That's really cool that your wedding dress still fits. I know mine woudln't fit, I have put on a lot of weight since having kids. But finally after almost 8 years I have started working on the "baby weight" and have lost 30lbs in the past 10 weeks, and am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight with my first child, and about 20lbs away from my wedding weight.

Karly said...

Fawnda, I am so excited for you! And to welcome another little niece!

And girl, you know you still got it goin' on!

Lindsay, that is very impressive! Way to go!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on the progress in the adoption! I know it's a relief to have the home study completed! We'll be waiting anxiously to hear when your little girl gets to come home! :)

Fawnda said...

Lindsey- WOW that is impressive! Keep up the great work! : )

Thanks Karly and Rachel! We are pretty excited about bring a little girl into our family. It seems much more real this time because we are talking about a "her" or a "she" or a "sister" last time we did not pick a gender and we were always talking in general terms like "the baby"