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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Boy

Ladies (and gentlemen, for you hubbies out there), I no longer have any babies in my house. I've written before about how I think it's neat when my kids hit milestones and grow up, about how I didn't cry when Ethan started preschool or went from his crib to a big bed or got rid of his pacifier. And I'm here to tell you that when I said that, I was full of crap. I think the reason why none of that stuff was tough for me was because I had a baby at the time, Micah. But Micah ain't no baby no more. Tuesday we started potty training him and yesterday he only had 1 accident all day long. I can't even believe how well this is going. What I've done is pretty much stayed home and let him run around naked with the potty in the TV room. And it works! I remind him a lot, but he also goes over and pees in it all by himself. Yesterday he even pooped in it. First he pooped near it and that really bothered him, so I told him to sit and try to do it in the potty and he did. I think God is repaying me for all the trouble I had potty training Ethan. Or maybe I've just learned what not to do from how it went with Ethan. I'm really tired of doing it wrong with Ethan and getting it right with Micah. But that's a whole other blog topic. While I think it's totally awesome that Micah is peeing in the potty and sleeping in a big bed and got registered for preschool the other day, it's making me sad! His crib is still sitting out in our garage and I don't know what to do with it. What I need to do is advertise it on Craigslist and sell the thing. Or give it to someone who needs a crib but can't afford one. But there it sits in my garage because I'm too sentimental to part with it. He also got a big-boy haircut last night. It's not my sister-in-law's fault because I told her to chop it all off. It needed to be done because he keeps waking up from his nap with his head drenched in sweat. But I was not prepared for how old he would look. Check it out:
Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Where did my baby go?


Bryssy said...

Oh Liz, How wonderful for you, but also sad! I totally get how you feel. KOTJ is so independent. He loves to tell me to "STOP!" every time I try to help him. He wants to be big. And the hair cut? He looks like a boy now!! Wow!

Rachel said...

My little guy got his hair cut with the clippers yesterday for the first time, and while it looks so much better that way and cooler for him with summer coming, it was hard to realize that his "baby hair" is getting coarse enough to handle it. :(

Congrats on the potty training, and good luck for the remainder! He is a big boy, but he'll always be your baby! (At least mine will be. Whether he likes it or not!lol)

Donna said...

I even have to remind my biggest boy sometimes that he will always be my "baby" and I will always be his mommy.

It's bittersweet, for sure, but unavoidable. They grow way too fast!

Lindsay said...

#3 has been the hardest for me to watch grow up. She's sleeping in her big girl bed with no problems. She doesn't like riding in the stroller or grocery cart anymore, and is peeing in the potty on occasion although I am not training her yet for my own personal reasons. Hopefully soon though I too can be done with diapers for good. Although I too will be sad that the baby will be out of my house too. :(

Even more sad that the 7 yr old is starting to get to the point where when she is around her friends she kind of ignores me.....hehe (btw she's not at all rude about it I can just tell)