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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Love Budget - Part 2 {The Categories}

Last week I posted about the idea of a Love Budget (An idea that my Hubby came up with). Here is my Hubby's post on it if you want more information on the idea.

Similar to how a financial budget has different categories, so does our Love Budget. The categories that I am going to talk about are The 5 Love Languages and God's Commands. I am going to start out talking about each Love Language (Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Service, and Gifts) separately.

Just like in a financial budget some categories have more weight than others, the same is true in our love budget. But it will be different from person to person and family to family. You have to figure out what Love Language you, your spouse and your children speak to decide which one(s) will be more important.

For example: My Love language is gifts, my Hubby's is Service, and my Son's is Physical Touch. So, those will be the a bigger focus. We will still need to budget for Words of Affirmation and Time but they will have less weight.

So your homework for this week to find out your family's Love Languages. Here are some helpful sites for you.

Love Language Test
Summery of the 5 love Languages
The 5 Love Languages Book on Amazon.
Next week I will talk about Time.

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Maria said...

Hi! I did the Love Language test. Thanks for including it! It was interesting in that it showed that I like words of affirmation (score=8) and quality of time (score=8) as my primary languages with gifts (score=7)as a very close third.

Does this mean I am easily affirmed or that I expect too much? Hmmmmmmm!