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Saturday, April 3, 2010

But Sunday is coming!

Sunday is here! Jesus is Risen!

Happy Resurrection day to you!

I love this sermon. What a great reminder to not live our life like it's Friday! We need to live like it's SUNDAY! I find myself feeling like "the world has won." But I know that My Savior lives and He has the victory!

Today to celebrate this fact I am making two special dishes:

These Resurrection rolls: These rolls look like a tomb on the outside and when you bit into them they are empty! To remind us that IT IS SUNDAY and OUR SAVIOR LIVES!

Deviled Eggs: We are going to eat them to show that the devil has lost and Jesus Christ will eat him for dessert and not the other way around !

Happy Easter!


Rachel said...

We made those rolls last year, Fawnda, and they are delicious. The only problem was that our marshmallows didn't fully disappear--they started oozing out the edges! I felt awkward comparing them to Jesus when they were baked! ;)

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter, and thank you so much for the reminder of what this day is all about!

Liz said...

I love your explanation for eating deviled eggs! Too funny, and true! Happy Easter!

Lindsay said...

We made the rolls last year too and ours turned out great. They were really yummy. We opted not to do anything this year. The girls weren't into it, and we had a picnic lunch on Easter so we didn't make anything ahead of time. ...we bought walmart chicken and my grandma made a few sides. No cooking for me. :)