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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I wish I was attending the inauguration today. I don't often admit it, but I am a political junkie, parading as a momma. I love to read TIME magazine every week. I get a kick out of political commentators. If I was in DC today, I would just HAVE to attend a couple of the balls.

But alas, I am working today (it's a teacher work day). I plan on having the inauguration playing on the TV in my room at school. The kids in our childcare (mine included) will be coming over to watch. And tonight, we are having our own version of the Children's Inaugural Ball at home. I have a few inaugural crafts prepared. We'll have a patriotic themed dinner. And we'll watch the news and talk about what an "inauguration" is.

My mom says that I have always loved politics. She tells me that one night at dinner while I was sitting in my high chair eating peaches, I announced that I was President Carter. In 4th or 5th grade, I wrote a pen pal letter to President Regan. I asked him if he could write back to me in his own handwriting so I would know he got my letter. I got back a form letter and a pamphlet about the President. I couldn't have been more thrilled. Thrilled because, in the pamphlet, it said that the President and I had the exact same favorite food, macaroni and cheese! It was meant to be, for sure.

In high school I decided that I would be "Bryssy - The Next Katie Couric/Connie Chung." I got invited to go and work in DC and "see what it's really like." Did I ever.

I got to interview senators, I followed Al Gore, I met Michael Duffy (Washington Bureau Chief for TIME Magazine), and I got to join the National Press Corps. I had a "beat" about the running of the program that invited me to Washington. I had 5 am deadlines every morning. I got my assignments at 4 pm the day before. I wrote every night, until the wee hours. It was thrilling. I toured all over the Capital. I ate lunch on the National Mall and enjoyed the Cherry Blossoms. The visited Smithsonian's, the National Archives, and I got to sit on the floor of the House of Representatives. I could write a book about everything I saw and experienced in DC during that time. The whole experience was thrilling.

It was also exhausting. And, it was then that I decided that politics and news was not the career I wanted. I wanted what I have now, a family. Children. And, working all day and night wasn't going to cut it if I was going to be a mom. So, I changed my plans. And, I am glad I did.

Now I hold election night parties for friends and their kids, make canditate puppets and host debates with THE Princess, make USA jello molds and cookies, and hold Inaugural Balls in my living room. One of the best memories I have about this last election is that THE Princess and I made paper dolls of each of the candidates and their wives and talked about the good and bad choices that they might make if they were the President and First Lady. Then we talked about the good choices that she would make as Princess/President. It's not exactly what I pictured for my life when I was 16.

I think it's better.


Donna said...

Lovely! I wish you had some pics of the puppets!

Maria said...

I think you chose better too.

Maria said...

PS, cool picture!

Bryssy said...

Thanks...it's my Obamacon....you can make one at: obamacon.com