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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

She Won't Grow Up

THE Princess has decided that she never wants to grow up. In fact, when someone asks her age, she says that she is three and that she is not going to be four. This all started last year at her annual doctor appointment. We talked about getting shots and that she might need some to keep her healthy. She was so happy when the pediatrician told her that you don't need shots when you are three, in fact you don't need any until you are four.

For months, she told everyone, "You don't need shots when you are three! Three is the best." I agreed. We have had some great days during three. Her birthday is approaching in March. It will be the first year for her to have a birthday party with friends. I've been asking her what kind of party she wants.

Princess? No.
Ben 10? No.
Art? No.
Faries? No.
Pink? No.
Tea party? No.
Sleep over? No.
Picnic? No.

This has more than shocked me, since her favorite thing to play is birthday party. In fact, she spends a lot of time making pretend cakes, singing the birthday song, and blowing out imaginary candles. I have had so many birthday parties that I am now officially 3,427 years old. Awesome.

So, when she started announcing that she was never going to grow up and didn't want a birthday party, I was stunned.

Then I thought it was because she has recently had a kind of addiction to Peter Pan. We have been reading the book and watching the movie quite a bit lately. She wants to be Tinkerbell. (I totally found her a brand new Tinkerbell costume at a garage sale last weekend - only $1! Whoot!)

Then it was revealed, she doesn't want shots. From a girl whose best game is birthday party. She is willing to give up her greatest joy. I am planning the party anyway. And, I am putting off her doctor's appointment until the next month so that I can take KOTJ and her together. Maybe that will help to deal with it. In fact, last month when I took KOTJ for his well-check, I told the doctor about our problem with the shots. He gave me his cell phone number and told me to have THE Princess call him.

And, I try not to bring up the "s" word. But, secretly, I don't want her to grow up either.


Donna said...

Wow! Is this the same girl who raises her hand EVERY WEDNESDAY when the pastor asks if anyone is celebrating a birthday this week?

I would definitely separate the shots from the birthday, literally AND figuratively, if you can. Good luck!

Jason and Fawnda said...

I can totally sympathize with her... Just a last year, I was telling people that I was 29 and I am NOT going to ever turn 30! But I have to tell ya, once I got to 30, it wasn't so bad! I am sure that she will feel the same way about 4...
Isn't it crazy what kids can remember?!? "you don't get shots at 3!" Well, I guess that is another good thing about 30 - you don't get shots at 30!


Liz said...

Poor little girl! The receptionist at my pediatrician's office begs, "Please don't bring that baby on his birthday!" when I'm making his yearly appointments.

Bryssy said...

Yes, Donna, the same exact one! My mouth hangs open when she tells people that she doesn't want a birthday party.

Fawnda, I am in the same boat. I turned 30 last October, I would have rather had the shot.

Liz, it's almost cruel that you have to take your kids for shots when it coinsides with what should be a happy day. I am putting it off out of sheer laziness, though. One trip for shots just seems so much more manageable!

Karly said...

I understand. I used to suffer from "shot-o-phobia" myself. After having three children, I think I am cured.

But that doesn't help you does it!

Can you think of something positve or fun that she HAS to be four years old to do? Maybe put the emphasis someplace else?

Although it is hard to fight "shot-o-phobia." I remember that just the sound of the s-word word make me break out in a sweat.

Good luck!