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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Questionable Quote for the Day

Thought I'd share a quote from my week, which has been unusually cold and filled with lots of whining, sneezing, coughing, fevers, and mucous...gotta love cold season. It's the only time I have hypochondriac tendencies.
This was me, after a loooooong day of wiping noses...and I was serious as I probed under my chin:

"I can't tell if my glands are swollen, or my turtleneck is too tight! "

Paul and I just cracked up when I realized how blonde mom that sounded (no offense to my blonde mommy friends)! In my defense, I almost never wear turtleneck tops. Stacy and Clinton would agree, they really make me look like the turtleneck is the only thing holding my head up!

Have a terrific weekend! I have to run to the drugstore to restock our Cold Season Arsenal!


Pam said...

Hey Donna,

I love the new background and the Stacey and Clinton reference. For years, I have begged Charlie to nominate me. I hope your house is healthy soon!

Pam said...
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Jason and Fawnda said...

Don't worry Donna, I say stupid stuff all the time...Just pretend like you are on a sitcom like Friends and the in-studio audience is laughing with you! :)
BTW- I hate wearing turtle necks, I always feel like they are choking me.

Donna said...

I like that idea...I've often thought I need my own sitcom laugh track. Mostly so I won't be the only one laughing at my jokes!

We haven't had cable for years now, but I would totally neglect my children for a What Not to Wear marathon if the opportunity presented itself!!!