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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pandora's Box

To confirm this friend request, follow the link below:

Have you seen this yet? You probably have if you've opened a page on Facebook. I see it almost every time I log onto my email page. In case you don't know, Facebook is this amazing database of tons of people. You can look up pretty much anyone and find them easily. I am in total awe every time I go on it and search. I opened my Facebook account a couple of months ago and it has been a lot of fun to play with.

I have found one of my long lost bridesmaids from 17 years ago! Oh, yeah. I've also found, a former college roommate (Karly, be strong. Your roommate has probably forgotten/forgiven about the snooze button, I'm sure!).

The problem can be this. How do you choose your friends? Present friends, family and good old friends are the easy ones, but what do you do with the others? Who's going to pop-up from your past?

Are you going to choose to be friends with old flames? Frenemies? People you never really liked? I recently deleted a second request for a "friend". It went against my nature, so I still feel a little bad about it. This person was actually trying to reach my hubby. "I don't think so!" came to mind.

This is another instance where even though you can't pick your family, you can pick your friends. Also, do you post pics of your kids? Family? I have. I choose in my profile to only show these pics to "friends". I hope I'm doing the right thing.

So, how do YOU deal with Facebook issues?


Bryssy said...

I don't really have FB issues. Although, I have not accepted a few friend requests. And, it was mostly because that person and I were not ever really friends. Maybe acquaintances, but not friends. And, one friend I deleted becuase there were like 1 million crazy status updates. I don't need or want to know some of that stuff.

Maybe that is mean. I accept people whom I actually know and don't mind if they can see pictures of me and my kids.

One time, my sisters ex-serious-boyfriend sent me a friend request and before I accepted it, I called my sister to see what she thought. She was FB friends with him and thought it was okay. Since it was from a long time back. I wasn't going to friend someone if that would make my sister upset.

I got to get her back, ya know?

Maria said...

yeah, i know. maybe there's like a facebook etiquette manual somewhere.

Liz said...

I don't have many FB issues, either. The one thing that kind of freaks me out is when people I haven't talked to in 15+ years IM me. They tend to start rambling about their personal problems and while I am sympathetic to the issues they have faced since high school, I find it a bit disconcerting.
I did delete a "friend" during the election because of all his anti-Obama-voter ranting. I mean, I don't care if you were for McCain or even posted a "note" about why other should vote for him. But this guy was seeking people out to insult for their political views. He was even questioning their Christianity.
Otherwise, I love FB. I waste entirely too much time there every day. In fact, I'd love to comment further, but I need to check it. I'll be friend requesting you soon, Maria! ;)

Donna said...

I've had similar q's running through my mind lately, Maria. I think it's weird to get a friend request from someone who doesn't say hello to you when you see them in public.

I'm also unsure how important it is to reconnect with guys from the past. I have my main squeeze all to myself (okay, so I have to fight the kids for his attention during conversations at the dinner table...can't a girl get a word in edgewise?).

But it's also kinda fun to hear what everyone is up to these days. Our class (Mine and Bryssy's) didn't have a 10-year reunion, so FB is the only way I have a clue as to the whereabouts, aspirations, and accomplishments of my former peers. It's even fun to hear from people I didn't know very well while I was in school (I got seriously sidetracked by theater during all of my high school years!).

So far, I've only had two requests that I have done nothing about. One is from a girl in Canada who supposedly recognizes me from UCF...a little too random, since I don't recognize her...and another from a girl whose maiden name isn't included in her name. I don't recognize her from her picture, but we all look pretty different now. Anyone can upload a picture of a girl and say they recognize you from somewhere, ya know? Then they'd have access to photos of your kids and personal information about you. That's my main concern about FB.

Girls should definitely include their maiden names on their FB profiles.

Anyway, go with your gut, I guess. I think it's funny to friend someone I didn't know very well in school and then realize they're a total punk and that's why I never hung out with them back then! Some things really don't change! So far, though, it hasn't been a major problem.

Thanks for the food for thought, Maria!

Bryssy said...

Donna, are you saying I'm a punk?? :-P

Bryssy said...

And, I didn't even know you could IM before the other day. It kind of freaked me out. And what's with the apps???I don't do them. What is the point of a virtual poke or a virtual gift or a virtual plant. I don't get that at all....

Liz said...

I just read an article about a Facebook virus. Basically you get a message that sends you to a link when you click on it that tells you to download Adobe (or something). But none of us are dumb enough to do that. Right? And it's not just Facebook - it's spread to MySpace, etc., too.

Sherrie said...

We love FB! It has given us a way to check in with friends more consistently. A lot of people from our church use it for get togethers. I have found a lot of my college friends, but yes it also has it's down sides. There are always the "old flames" that ask to be friends. My husband and I have a strict policy on how we deal with them. So far, no problems. I love seeing friends pictures of kids, since they change so quickly. We are at the point that we feel lost without it for a while. Scary how you get so hooked on technology.

Donna said...

I don't do apps either...I don't get into all that virtual stuff.

Karly said...

I am scared of FaceBook!