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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Campout

I congratulated myself on the awesome new tradition of the kids' "Christmas Campout" by the Christmas tree - complete with homemade pizza, shrimp cocktail ring, Christmas stories read by the fire, sleeping bags and pillows arranged by the tree - until I realized that it's almost 9:00 pm and the kids are still out there giggling and goofing around. File this one under the WHAT WAS I THINKING??? label.

Paul just went out there to quiet them down...for the fifth time. He hasn't come back and it's been 10 minutes. I'm thinking he's probably camping out on the couch tonight.

If I were Rachel, I'd be writing myself a note for next Christmas: "Dear Donna, Regarding the Christmas campout...DON'T DO IT!"


Liz said...

Ha! That's pretty funny. I bet they'll remember it forever, though. :)

fawnda said...

I think that it is cute! But than again... it is not my kids staying late and giggling! : )

Maybe in a few years it will be great because it will be more Ok to stay up later.

Lindsay said...

I think that sounds like a great idea! I might have to let the older girls do that. :)

My girls share a room so falling asleep next to each other wouldn't be a problem, and they do fine staying up late.

Pam said...

I think it sounds like a wonderful tradition - I'm not sure I would give up on it yet :)

Donna said...

Well, as it turns out, they quieted down and Paul came back to bed. The little one was in our bed by 3:30am, so I went out and slept on the couch to keep KID 1 from freaking out if he woke up alone on the floor.

It wasn't too bad, the kids enjoyed it, and our day today has been pretty good (as in NO MAJOR MELTDOWNS). We would probably do this again. On a scale of 1-5, they rated it an enthusiastic 5.

And you're right, it will get better as they get older. So we have ourselves a new tradition!