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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent Calendar Craft, Cheap and Easy!

I know I already did a post about Advent calendars, but I wanted to share the one I just made this weekend (hey, better late than never, right?). The Advent banner I was using was really hokey and had very tiny pockets. I thought I could make something better...it just took a trip to the local dollar store. This Advent calendar cost me $4 to make:

I found the little boxes in the party favors aisle (in the baby section, no less!). They are mint green with white plastic handles. They came 8 to a package, so those cost $3. I found a bag of "Christmas Table Scatter" with glittery green foam pine trees which made a perfect box decoration ($1), then I added the numbers 1-24 using red and green permanent markers. KID 1 decided an A-B-B pattern would look nice (red-green-green) for the numbers, so that's what we did. I tied the boxes onto a length of wide red and green plaid ribbon using strips of fabric and various ribbons (all of which I scrounged from my craft closet). You could also just hang the boxes on the Christmas tree and let the kids hunt for the box of the day.

I think it turned out pretty nice! Here's the whole picture:

And a close-up:

I'm pretty happy with my dollar store Advent calendar! Now those little boxes are just begging to be filled! Our dollar store had small bags of chocolate coins and wrapped Christmas chocolates that will be perfect treats, and I've already got my list of daily Advent activities written on slips of scrapbook paper to stuff into each box. We're having so much fun with our Advent countdown!


Liz said...

That's adorable!

Karly said...

This is such a great idea! And totally doable! Thanks for sharing. I loved your daily advent ideas from earlier in the week and this is a perfect way to make that happen. I think I might try to make it sometime this season and then I will be ready to go for next year. Very cute!

fawnda said...

ME too! I think I may make this this year and have it for next year! I might only do 12 days this year (We can call it the 12 days of Christmas!) than Have 24 days ready for next year! : )

Very cute and crafty Donna!

Donna said...

Thanks, girls! So glad you're inspired, because we really are having fun with it! I know you will, too!

I even thought about doing one for each kid and hanging them in their rooms, but for this year, one is enough.

I forgot to mention that I also found 24 mini stockings at the dollar store in varying colors and patterns. It's going to take a bit of work, though, to put the numbers on them with felt. I probably won't get to it this year. They were sold in packs of 2 for $1. Not as cheap as the one I posted, but I know when I get around to making it, it will be adorable!

Rachel said...

You did such a great job on that, Donna! It looks great!

Last year after they started clearancing out the Christmas merchandise I found some really cute gift card holders in various shapes. I grabbed a few thinking they would be cute for something--I just wish I had gotten 25 of them as they would be perfect for this garland! I will be checking for a few more this year!

Donna said...

They had some at the dollar store, but I couldn't find enough to make a calendar. Great minds think alike!

Maria said...

I love the pics! What a great idea! It was fun actually seeing you at the dollar store when you bought the stuff. :)