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Thursday, December 17, 2009

These Kids Today!

I remember talking to a friend at church shortly after Ethan was born. She has three sons and at that time the youngest was almost 2. I said to her, "I figure I can start getting some sleep in about 2 years." Her response was, "Yeah, just keep telling yourself that." I am here to say that Janann, you were right! Of course, by the time Ethan was 2, I had a newborn. That newborn is now nearly 2 and I'm still not sleeping! Part of the reason is because last Friday I had the brilliant idea to take the boys to the playpark. 5 minutes after we got there, Micah fell and busted his lip open on the steps. I comforted him and eventually Rachel came with her son and Micah was okay after that. Until he wanted to go back up the steps, then he got scared and I had to comfort him. Meanwhile, Ethan went down the slide into a huge puddle and as it was chilly and windy outside, Rachel and I were discussing which one of us would go home to get him new pants while I held Micah. Then we heard a crash and I know I heard a crack and Ethan was on the ground, clutching his leg and crying. I handed Micah to Rachel and ran over to see what was going on with Ethan. I couldn't see anything on his leg - no bruise, no swelling. But he couldn't stand up and he shrieked every time I touched or moved his leg. Finally I called Todd, who raced down Lakeshore going 75 mph and we ended up taking him to the doctor, who sent us for x-rays, which determined Ethan's tibia is fractured. I am not even kidding - my three-year-old broke his freaking leg. Apparently he was reaching for the fireman's pole at the park and missed. Our pediatrician put on a temporary cast that reached from toes to mid-thigh. It was a long weekend. Tuesday we went to an ortho who recommended a walking cast that goes below his knee. He can't walk on it yet, but hopefully he will in a few days. Yesterday he was scooting around in the playroom with his buddy, playing with trains. Oh, and did I mention that the weekend before this mess Micah had an ear infection? Poor kid had a fever, cough, runny nose, hurting ears, and he was throwing up. Last night his temperature spiked again, but today he's okay. I may never sleep again. I am thankful for my kids, though. I am thankful for their health, that the worst things they've had to deal with are broken bones and ear infections. I may not get a good night's rest until they're teenagers (wait...that will be an altogether different stress!), but hey, at least it's not boring! Oh, and maybe my pediatrician can finally get that Porsche he's been eying. :)


fawnda said...

I totally know what you mean... yesterday My son fell down the stairs... he tripped at the VERY top stair and I watch him tumble down the whole flight...only one step behind, not being able to catch him. He is fine, not even one bump or bruise (God was watching him FOR SURE!) He cried for about 2 minutes and then looked at me and said in a clear voice "Candy Cane?" I was like "You just fell down the stairs and lived, you can have anything you want!"

But, let me tell ya, it haunted me last night when I was trying to go to sleep! All the worry of what could have happened!

I just have to say that I HATE stairs right now.
Kids will keep you on your toes, that is for sure!

Lindsay said...

I have learned that you might be blessed with one area with your kids and "cursed" in another area. My kids are very healthy we rarely have to go the doctor. Sage has had stitches once and the derma bond glue once, and x-rays once, but the other two have had nothing. No ear infections even. However before you think I am bragging let me remind you that I have 3 GIRLS. The drama that has been going on around my house lately will put anyone in the loony bend. My 7 yr old yelled "stop being mean to me, this makes me feel like you don't love me....I am having the worst day in the whole wide world"..simply because I asked her to try a new food at dinner time. This led to a 1 hr and 45 min. drama filled discussion.

So ya I may have healthy injury free kids but I get the joy of dealing with major drama ALL the time. If it's not one thing with kids it's another.

But you just gotta love them.

And as I type this my youngest and your youngest are happily playing the drums together. :)

Rachel said...

It was a scary day, but I'm so glad Ethan is doing better. At least he got a pretty red cast--this will forever live in infamy as the Christmas Ethan had a broken leg. ;)

The little ones do keep us on our toes, don't they? Fun times, but I do have to resist the urge to wrap our little guy in bubble wrap...;)

Pam said...

I wish we could have been there to help. I am surprisingly good in crisis situations. I am also sad that we are not there to keep him company, but I am glad he is feeling better. Being only three-ish, when he is older, he will probably only remember the cool parts of the whole event. It will be a memorable Christmas for sure.

Liz said...

Fawnda - that's terrifying! So glad your little guy isn't hurt!
Lindsay - I'll take trips to the hospital with boys over girl drama any day! ;)
Rachel - bubble wrap is a GREAT idea! Although my kids would pop all the bubbles within hours. :)
Pam - wish you could've been here, too! I'm sure Alex could provide some entertainment for Ethan!

Donna said...

Parks are not our friends these days, are they? I guess we just have to learn to roll with it, since each one's personal dramas will never cease, though they may change throughout each age and stage.

And sometimes, I just want to hole up in our cozy home and stay here for a few months, safe and healthy. Since that's not possible, I guess we will just deal...with broken bones, ear infections, flus, fevers, best friend dramas at school, and whatever else life sends our way.

Besides, I'd miss seeing you every now and then.