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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Homemade Christmas: Photo Ornaments

I made this cool ornament from old Christmas cards. I am one of those people that can't throw away a card because someone sent it to me. But I do not have problem repurposing it! I will show you how to make one and if you add a photo of your child or family it makes it even cuter! : )

Here is what you will need:
Christmas cards
Big chunky beads
Paper cuter
Double sided tape
Wallet size photo (I printed mine on paper)
Twine or Ribbon
an Exacto Knife (not pictured... I tried my hole punch but it would not reach)

1.) Cut your cards in to 3X3 inch squares and group them by color. You need 6 squares for each ornament.
2.) On the back side of each square find mark the midpoint on each side (at 1.5 inches)
3.) Score a diagonal line connecting your midpoints. Do this on each square.
4.) Fold on your score lines. You should have 6 squares that look like this:
5.) Choose two squares to be your top and bottom. Find the middle (I drew lines to find mine) and use your Exacto Knife to cut a whole in the center.
6.) Use your double sided tape to connect your 2 of the corners of 2 of your squares
This is what the back should look like
and this is what the front should look like:

7.) Continue connecting until you have 4 of your squares together that make a "tube".
8.) Choose the bottom and sting your twine or ribbon through the hole and attach onto the bottom of your "tube"

9.) Pull your twine up through your tube and through your top piece. Connect your top piece to the rest of the ornament.

10.) Tie a loop on the top.

11.) And tie a bead onto the bottom.
12.) cut out your photos (about 2X2 inch square) and attach it to on of the sides.


Here is the blue one with a ribbon instead of twine.

I entered in a tutorial contest over at See Mommy Sew.

I entered my leg warmers, Monogram plate and Wine gift bag from my Fireflies and Jellybeans blog. So far, the leg warmers has the most votes (for me) so that is my best chance to win.

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Karly said...

I voted for you! Love the leg warmer idea. It is taking me back!

This ornament is adorable. I have seen a similar one before, but not with the photos. That is a nice addition. And soooo cute!

fawnda said...

THanks for voting! So far I am in 2nd place... which still get a prize! : )

I love the leg warmers... I was hoping that when the 80's fashion starting coming back that the leg warmers would too! : )

Donna said...

I voted, too! Although leg warmers aren't anything we Floridians have much need of, I still think they were the cutest leg warmers I've ever seen! Great job on those!

fawnda said...

Thanks for the vote Donna!