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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after Chritsmas

In many other countries it is known as Boxing Day. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

The name derives from the tradition of giving seasonal gifts, on the day after Christmas, to less wealthy people and social inferiors, which was later extended to various workpeople such as labourers and servants.

The traditional recorded celebration of Boxing Day has long included giving money and other gifts to charitable institutions, the needy and people in service positions. The European tradition has been dated to the Middle Ages, but the exact origin is unknown and there are some claims that it goes back to the late Roman/early Christian era; metal boxes were placed outside churches used to collect special offerings tied to the Feast of Saint Stephen.

And I always thought that Boxing Day was a Day to get rid of your Christmas gift boxes... I was WAY off!

Here at my house the day after Christmas is a calm relaxing day. A day to stay in our PJ's and try out some of the new stuff we got. My Little King is playing with his new toys and pretty excited about them too. I got a couple of new books that I want to read, and a new sweater to wear! (There are few things better than new clothes- to me). We don't have to rush out anywhere or have a big agenda to follow. I LOVE Christmas morning (I am the one who gets us all up at 7AM to open gifts) I love the excitement, the anticipation, the family, food and fun... but it is nice to have an uneventful day the day after to recuperate!

What do you do on the Day After Christmas?


jeannine said...

I totally agree. the day after christmas is all about staying in your pj's and playing with your new toys. And, clearing away all the boxes and packaging, eating up the leftover Christmas goodies before the great New Years weight loss program begins. ;)

Donna said...

It's definitely a very chill day around here today. We had an awesome day yesterday with family, entertaining at our house in the morning and then Christmas dinner at my SIL's. It was a good day, but today was a calm day!

I had to do my grocery shopping today for KID 1's birthday dinner tomorrow night (his bday is the 28th, but we'll be spending that day at Magic Kingdom...our kids' first trip!). I walked into a salon and got my hair cut, no wait, then did a leisurely shop at Publix with only a few other shoppers. It was very relaxing!

It was nice having Christmas on a Friday and a whole weekend to recuperate. Wish we could plan it that way every year!

Liz said...

We've been relaxing here, too, along with cleaning up from yesterday's bash. We'll wait and do Publix tomorrow - tonight it's pizza for supper!