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Thursday, March 11, 2010


I think I've posted before about how when I graduated from college I wanted nothing more than to get out of Lake Wales. I did, too, for a month, before I was offered a job here I couldn't pass up. I was never able to "get out," and then I met my soon-to-be husband and the rest, as they say, is history. Now, though, I love Lake Wales, and I thought this week I'd share with you some of the things I like about this small town in central Florida.
1. Orange blossoms - Yes, they make me sneeze, but they smell heavenly. I especially love driving around in 75-degree sunny weather in February and March with the windows down, smelling these gorgeous flowers.
2. Sandhill cranes - I regularly see them feeding in my yard, which delights my boys to no end.
3. Oranges on the road - I love to try to run them over. They make a fabulous "squish."
4. Plant City strawberries
5. the Lake Wales Art Show
6. Fat Boy's Barbecue - no ambiance, iffy service, but the food is cheap and the sweet tea can't be beat!
7. Circle of Friends - A ministry in our town for mentally handicapped citizens. I am amazed that this organization exists and thrives in such a small town.
8. The Care Center
9. MOPS - We have a very accepting group here, which, I have learned, isn't true everywhere.
10. Bok Tower Gardens
Any more I've forgotten?


Donna said...

There are so many great things to love about Lake Wales! The people (well, MY people anyway) are awesome, down-to-earth, caring and funny, and I wouldn't trade what I have here for all the Costcos in Orlando!

Karly said...

There are so many things I miss about Lake Wales. First of all the people, like Donna said. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone in a week!!

Second, I miss Woody's Baby Back Ribs, Crazy Fish's Fried Grouper Sandwich, walking around the Lake, Super Wal-mart, FUMP, and Crooked Lake!

And the weather from January to April. Seriously.

And, Liz, you are right-the MOPS group in LW is exceptional.

Liz said...

Crazy Fish! I can't believe I forgot Crazy Fish. I love FUMP, as well, and the bike path around the lake. And the people are terrific. I grew up in a resort town and Polk County is simply refreshing compared to those snobs.