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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What ever happened to house calls?

It's my day to post, but after three totally sleepless nights, I have very little to contribute. Our little one had a fever of 105.1 on Monday. Scary. It's apparently viral, so all we can give her is tylenol and motrin to help her manage the fever. In the meantime, she is coughing and gagging constantly, so we aren't getting any rest at night (I have her in bed with me and Paul is taking the couch...none of us are sleeping!). Just so you know, a temp of 105 is apparently not as bad as they used to think, especially if it responds to a fever reducer such as ibuprofen. Organ damage begins to occur at temps of 107-108, which our pediatrician says he has never seen in his whole career.

On our way to our pediatrician's office (the next town over), I realized I couldn't see anything in the center of my vision. And as I drove along, the "hole" in my vision was getting bigger and bigger. I was getting a migraine. So, knowing that we had a last minute appointment at the end of our doctor's office hours, I had to turn around and go back to LW to get my husband from work (on his busiest day of the month, no less) so he could drive us all to the doctor. Meanwhile, our little one is panting fast, totally flushed from high fever, coughing and gagging in her carseat, and her eyes are glazed over. I was so afraid she was going to have a seizure from this high fever! We made it to the office in time (I called and let them know we were on our way but running late...they always appreciate the call), and by the time the doctor finally saw us, our little girl was finally starting to perk up and respond to the dose of Motrin I gave just before we left the house.

We really just need some rest! Hopefully, tonight's the night.

I'm cancelling Musikgarten class today...something I really hate to do! But I'm thinking the whole family could use a quiet afternoon and early bedtime. I'm tired, my throat hurts, that migraine is still lurking behind my eyes, and Big Brother is all stuffy and froggy today, too. We are all just in rough shape. Nobody really needs to be around us at this point. I guess I better start calling my Musikgarten friends....


Pam said...

When it rains, it pours, huh? I hope you all get some sleep and feel better soon!

Donna said...

Thanks, Pam! It is starting to feel like we are hardly ever well! It's just totally frustrating.

I know this will pass and it's a phase of parenting very young children that we all go through sometimes, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with!

Karly said...

Donna, hope you and the fam are feeling better! Sooo scary!!