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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I am excited to announce that My Hubby and I handed in our paperwork for our reapplication for adoption! We have had the paperwork since November and FINALLY finished it! It is A LOT harder to work on paperwork when you have a 2 year old running around! : )

Now we have to wait for our background checks to get back to the agency and we will be matched up with a social worker(SW). We just have to meet with the SW once to update our homestudy and we will be on the waiting list!

I have a cute story about the process so far:

I had some of the paperwork sitting on the table while our Little King was eating lunch. "What's that?" he says pointing to the paperwork.

"Oh that is paper to help us get you a sibling." I tell him

"Ohhhhhhhh.... sibbing!" He says.

"Do you want a sister?" I ask

"Ohhhhh Sister!" he says

"Or do you want a Brother?" I ask

"No, no... no brother!" He tells me.

Hmmmmmmmm do I take the advice of my two year old and go on the girl list?!?

We get to choose if we want a boy or a girl, which sounds great except that it is a REALLY hard decision! I mean I am choosing if my son has a brother or a sister and that means I am choosing if my son does NOT have a brother or a sister. It is a hard choice. I loved having a sister to share a room with, but I also loved have brothers too!

Later I asked him the same questions about a brother or a sister and his reply was: "No brother, no sister!" (which I think is the more honest answer!)

I hope all you Motley Moms in Florida are having fun with Karly this week... I am not going to lie to you...I am jealous!


jeannine said...

I know what you mean, it took us about a year to fill out our foster care application, because we had 2 under 2!!

Pam said...

Yeah for you and your family Fawnda! I can't wait to follow your saga :) Congratulations and best wishes!

Donna said...

That's exciting news, Fawnda! I don't think I could easily decide on a boy or a girl. They are both blessings from God! I love having one of each! But I would have been just as happy if KID 2 had been a boy...that probably would have made me want to try for a third even more, to see if a girl was meant to join our family. Since we have one of each, our decision to call our family complete was a bit easier.

We absolutely LOVED having Karly here this week and would have been thrilled to see you, too! It will happen some day, Fawnda! Right now, you and J. are prioritizing your family (and growing your family) and it's a great choice!

Keep us updated on your adoption process. You are such a great Mom, Fawnda, I'm excited and happy for the baby who wins you as his or her Mommy!