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Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Marriage Ref

Have you seen the new TV show: The Marriage Ref? It has REAL life couple fighting and then a panel of "experts" (funny celebs that make fun of them like: Kelly Ripa and Jerry Seinfeld) give advice to the "ref " and then he declares the winner.

Sometimes that is what me and my Hubby need... some one to declare a winner and then we can move on! So today we are letting the Motley Moms be our Marriage Ref!

Here is what we are arguing about.... the taste of Ketchup... is it more salty or sweet?

My Hubby says it is salty. He looked at the back label and it is 9% of your sodium and it has salt listed as an ingredient.

I think that is is more sweet. There is sodium in pop and that is not salty. Also there is Fructose corn syrup listed BEFORE the salt on the ingredients which is sweet... and tomatoes are a fruit which has a little bit of a sweet flavor.

My Hubby's come back is that I am a salt lover so, my salt taste is off... it does not taste salty to me unless it is REALLY salty.

My come back is, yes, I am a salt lover... BUT he is a sweet tooth so I can use the same argument for him and the sweet taste.

So, this is where you come in. We decided that we will put up a poll and what ever you decide will stand!

Please help us! : )


Liz said...

I'm sorry, Fawnda. Normally I'm always on the wife's side, but I think ketchup is sweet! :)

Jennifer said...

Definitely sweet! Why else would so many kids suck it off their french fries?!

fawnda said...

I think Ketchup is sweet too! Hoorray you are on the Wife's side! : )

Liz said...

Sorry - it was waaaaaaaay too early this morning when I read this! :)

Donna said...

It depends on the ketchup! I made my own once (really easy, by the way) and it was awesome. I have nothing to offer as to whether it's more salty or sweet...some taste more salty to me, others taste more sweet, especially the ones that are darker red.

Liz said...

Donna, the only ketchup is Heinz. The ONLY ketchup! ;)

Donna said...

Oh, so you're a ketchup snob, huh, Liz? Well, you haven't tried MY ketchup!

Donna said...

I forgot to mention that we watched the Marriage Ref the other night and hated it so much we had to turn it off. In fact, other than LOST, we may be on tv hiatus for a while. There is just so little worth watching on network tv.

Ola said...

I asked Justin that question thinking in my head: Ketchup is sweet! He said: Definitely salty! So there you go :) Maybe it`s a guy-girl thing.

Velmer said...

Here's my argument: let's take salt and sugar as condiments and ask ourselves if we could substitute salt or sugar in place of ketchup. I would argue that nearly every situation where you use ketchup salt could be used as a possible substitue and vice versa. That is, the times you use salt as a condiment you could often times substitute ketchup instead. Conversly, you could not use sugar to substiue ketchup. Think about it sugar on your fires? Ketchup in your coffee? Sorry. Ketchup is salty!