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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Know You're a Motley Mom When...

My aunt recently emailed me some news that would make most grocery shoppers' blood run cold. Not to make light of someone else's tragedy, but this is my actual, rather motley stream-of-thought email response to her note that "last night's murder/suicide was at MY Publix!"...

Donna: Oh my gosh! I hadn't heard anything about it here. That's scary. I wish our Publix filled online orders for pickup. That would be awesome. I'd never have to drag our two kids through the grocery store again...my own grocery nightmares actually never involve murderers. Just really whiny kids who think popping the air out of the bag of frozen peas and watching how far they scatter is what grocery shopping is all about. Aaaargh! Actually, B was trying, unsuccessfully, to be a good helper by getting the peas out of the freezer section for me. But he spent too long doodling on the inside of the foggy freezer door and when I snapped at him to "hurry up and get the peas!" he grabbed them a little too hard and, "POP!" Then he realized he could "ice skate" down the aisle on the frozen peas. Yep, we are awesome everywhere we go.

Just thought I'd share that little exchange, since you have probably had plenty of your own "Grocery Nightmares" over the years. Don'tcha just love shopping with the kids?!


Sherrie said...

Donna, I agree that the grocery store is full of nighmare possibilities. I often avoid going with both children, but found myself doing just that last week. The stores up here have self check-outs, but the trick is that the bagging area is a scale to ensure that you are bagging what you scanned. My children could not resist standing, sitting, leaning, hanging, etc on the area. Finally we made the computer system go so crazy the lady asked me to go to the normal isle even though I only had 3 items left to scan! Nothing like a piece of humble pie served to you directly from you children once and a while! :)

Lindsay said...

Thankfully I have never had a horrible grocery store visit. I mean sure I get the whining, and crying kids a lot, but none of those movie worthy moments....knock on wood. :) I do however do 90% of my grocery shopping alone, or with only one kid, and the older two are easy to grocery shop with now.

Bryssy said...

I do grocery shop with at least one "helper." Many times I have both along. My (so far) fool proof method is to go immediately and get a Lunchable for each one. Then, I have the time it takes for them to eat the Lunchable to make it to the checkout.(I hang onto the cookies and dole them out separately to give me a little more time.) Normally, I can get about 30 minutes, but sometimes longer. It costs me about $3, but I figure that into just the price of getting groceries....in relative peace.

It's money well spent in my book. Plus, my kids think it's the biggest treat ever and I'm treated like Super Mom (for at least those few minutes).

Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Karly said...

Donna, I can totally relate except ours was a container of fresh blueberries.

I actually really enjoy grocery shopping, just not with my children. Most of the time they are fine (I bribe them with snacks or Lunchables like Bryssy), but every once in a while it is a disaster.

We do have a grocery delivery service. I used it a lot when Saylor was a baby. It was great, except the grocery selection is more limited than at the store. So I often had to make a trip to the store to get certain items that I needed. Then I just started doing my whole shop at the store because I really do like the grocery store like I said. This summer when all the kids are home all day, I will probably go back to the delivery service. When I bring all three to the store there is just no room for the groceries.

I love how your mind wanders, very funny!!

Donna said...

I guess we all just do whatever we have to do to get through the shopping experience! I totally believe in bribery, too. Bribery gets you everywhere...well, at least through most of the grocery store, anyway!

Thanks for the insights, Moms! It sounds like the best trick to getting through the store with kids in tow is to keep your sense of humor on hand!

Have fun shopping!