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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Of Privacy and Nakedness

I knew it was time to start demanding privacy when using the bathroom or showering when Ethan started asking, "Mom, where's your penis?" Of course, I had to get another opinion, so I asked my friends at the playpark one day, "How old are kids when they need to stop seeing you naked?" "Three," was the unison response, so I've really been trying to keep it under wraps, especially with Ethan. It's hard, though, being the only girl. The other 3 people in my house can and enjoy running around naked (what is it with males and nudity???), but I have to beg for privacy. The other day I was sitting on the toilet with the door closed and Ethan walked in. My response? "DUDE! Privacy! Please!" Now I have to be careful of second base, too, though. The other day Ethan walked in while I was putting my bra on and said, "Mom, what are those?" I'm attempting nonchalance because I don't want my kids to think the human body is a dirty thing and I believe in using the "real" terms, so I said, "They're called breasts. Ladies have them." "I have those!" "No, you don't. You have nipples, but you don't have breasts." "Mom, what are nickels?" Oy. Fortunately, the conversation ended there. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to start being modest in front of Micah, too. He's potty training (using that term very loosely) by sitting, unlike Ethan, who used a child-sized urinal, so I'm constantly telling him to "push your penis down" so he doesn't hose down the bathroom. The other day he and I were home alone so I left the bathroom door open and he came in. "You goes poots?" "No, just pee." "You pee the potty?" "Yep." "Push it down!" OY.


Donna said...

That's classic, Liz! And I think you're absolutely right not to make a big deal about anybody's "parts" and requesting privacy. One thing I wanted my kids to understand is that those are their private parts, but it's okay for Mommy, Daddy, and the doctor to see them and check on them when they need help.

Kids are going to be curious about what they normally can't see, but if it's handled with non-chalance, it's less of a big, tantalizing secret and less of a focal point for questioning. I think straight, honest answers have worked great for our son. It's also not a big secret when you have a little sister running around naked after every bath and clothing change!

Karly said...

My four year old son walked in while I was changing my one year old daughter's diaper. He looked kind of confused and asked, "Girls don't go pee??" And I responded, "Girls go poop and pee just like boys." Then he said, "I guess girls can't go poop and pee at the same time, since they only have a butt." Too funny! I guess it does kind of look that way.

Bryssy said...

Liz, I love it! THE Princess totally is into her OWN privacy but not so much with anyone else. The other night after she insisted on privacy to go potty (without her brother busting in), she promptly broke into the bathroom that I was using (about 15 minutes later) with a book that had to be read to her RIGHT NOW. When I asked for privacy she said, "Mom you can pee pee and read - you read to yourself all the time!"


Rachel said...

Well, we have frequent conversations about our family AND our friends and their anatomies (sorry to spring that on all of you). Now that our son is going to the potty all on his own (yay!) he has discovered "privacy" and he wants it all the time. Sounds like all these kiddos think alike, though--privacy only goes one way! When I need some privacy, I have to remember to lock the door.

Funny post, Liz, and all so true!

Liz said...

There are some great quotes here! I don't know what's funnier - "Mom you can pee pee and read," or "I guess girls can't go poop and pee at the same time, since they only have a butt." LOL!