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Monday, July 28, 2008

Eating My Own Words

During the first twenty years of our marriage, when we were not parents yet, my husband and I witnessed the parenting styles of our various family members and friends. Some spanked, some didn't. Some were strict, others were not. We wisely kept our opinions to ourselves, but often commented to each other: "if that was our child, I would have done ..." or "when we have kids, we will ...".

Through a variety of circumstances and the passing of years, we opted not to have children, so we didn't really tune in anymore to those opportunities to consider how we would do things. But in the back of my mind, I guess I stored up those opinions.

Now that we have our 16 mos. old daughter, I find myself having to eat my own words:
**I was never going to give in to whining -- I have done it far too often when I thought my head would explode if the noise didn't stop!
** I was never going to plunk my kids down in front of the TV -- but putting her in the Pack'n' Play and turning on Baby Einstein and Praise Baby have allowed me moments to do crazy things like take a shower or allow the dog his dinner without her interference.
**I was never going to yell at my child or use harsh words -- boy have I failed that one miserably!

The list could go on forever and will likely get even longer the older she gets. Once she starts really talking, I'm likely to blurt out the one we all say we will never do -- say "because I said so."

The point is we have to watch what we say, for we one day will have to eat our own words. Bon appetit!


Karly said...

SOOOOO TRUE!!! I was a teacher for 6 years before I had kids, I thought I knew something about parenting. Boy, it is totally different when you have your own children 24/7!!

mulletmom said...

Yes, when I taught high schoolers, it was a walk in the park compared to the crazy days of motherhood and toddlerhood. At least I could reason with them (grin)!