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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It Must Be In The Genes

Growing up, I was that child who would say those dreaded words..."I'm bored." I am still that child (just in a much taller, ahem, bigger body). Here I go, I confess...I constantly am catching cabin fever. I constantly am anxiously seeking to just get out of the house and do. (Do what, often I don't care, but just do.)

Well I have learned how to deal with this cabin fever sickness I catch so often. Now as a mother I am learning how to deal with the genes my kids so kindly inherited from me. Both of my kids are chronically sick...with cabin fever.

Tonight my husband walked in the door and said, "who wants to go outside?" Before I could even turn around, both of my kids were standing at the door, pawing to get out.

It was like seeing our black lab standing at the door after a long day in her crate. I don't think my kids cared what we did, we just had to do!

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Donna said...

We get cabin fever year-round, but it really is at its peak in the summer months here in FL. We hibernate in air conditioning as much as possible, and if it's an outside activity, it simply MUST include water.