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Friday, July 18, 2008

Under the Big Top

The termites are gone now, and we're taking back the house. However, I thought I'd share our conversation about extermination aesthetics:

My husband, Paul: Man, that's one big tent.

Donna: Huge. I like it.

Paul: Hm?

Donna: It really brightens up the house, you know? All those cheerful stripes. It looks like a circus tent.

Paul: Very appropriate.


Bryssy said...

It kind of makes me think of Extreme Home Makeover, you know, "move that tent" like there will be a big surprise underneath!!!


Donna said...

Life is always chock full of surprises when your life is a three-ring circus! In ring #1, my husband, in ring #2, 2 wild preschoolers, in ring #3, my juggling act of social events, house cleaning, writing, and general mayhem!

Karly said...

Donna, I love that you posted at 6 AM. You are definitely a mother of preschoolers! I think your tent is very "happy" looking! Can you keep it? (Sorry I missed you when i came to town!)