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Monday, July 14, 2008

Mullet Mom - a.k.a. Cindy

Here goes nothing -- my first foray into the world of blogging. My own blog moniker is now Mullet Mom, based on the fact that I am a proud product of the 1980s (the decade of conspicuous consumption) from my once mullet cut hair to my love for 80s music, fashion, and fads. They obviously created the VH1 shows "I Love the 80s" for mullet moms like me.

As a motley mullet mom, I am surrounded by other mothers of preschoolers in our local "clique" that were barely out of the diaper stage themselves when I was dying my hair to look like John Taylor of Duran Duran (and ended up with a skunk stripe) and not so secretly lusting over Adam Ant (I can hear you laughing aloud "young-uns" as my secret is now out). Those days will be a constant source of amusement for my own toddler once she hits her teen years I feel sure. Like my teenaged niece and nephew now I will have to show her what a vinyl record was (yes, I have a huge collection and a turntable to play them on) and what a cassette tape was as by the time my daughter is a teen those will probably be obsolete as well.

I'll also have to sheepishly admit to having attended a number of rock concerts in venues before indoor smoking was banned and how you could get a contact high from the various types of smoke filling the air. That is one thing I don't miss now when I attend the reunion tours of the band I loved as a teen; instead, now that they are largely held in sporting arenas, we have folks sitting down (no standing or dancing allowed it seems) who make frequent trips to buy beer throughout the shows, forcing everyone near them to re-situate themselves as they climb across you to get back to their seats.

But while I may not share similar trips down memory lane with the other motley moms on this blog, I do share a faith in and love for Christ as well as the joy of friendship we share as we learn to parent our preschool children. I was wisely advised by Donna that age is not as relevant as the stage of life you are in. She was so right!!! We share this life stage, and I am proud to be a part of this motley crew.


Bryssy said...

Wow! Who wrote this? At first I thought it was Donna, but the last paragraph threw me off! Is it you, Teresa? I would love to see you with a skunk stripe! :-)

I am a little ashamed to admit that the first concert I ever went to was New Kids On The Block. I know. (BTW - they are kicking off a tour in the fall, I saw it on the Today Show.) I am secretly a little excited!


Bryssy said...

Now I think it's you, Cindy!! Am I right???


Donna said...

Seriously, Joey was the cutest NKOTB!
And no, I am not the mullet mom! This would be our new Monday writer...she hasn't used her actual name, so I'll let her tell you!

Donna said...

I'm still trying to figure out how we post under our own names. Any idea? All the posts are going to say "Posted by Donna" at the bottom if we don't figure it out. Also, I want each of us to have a profile, but it won't let me add another author profile!

Teresa said...

haha! New Kids On The Block was my first concer too! Donna, you can add different people (usernames) to the account, which I think will allow the other users to post under their names as well.

Bryssy said...

I was in serious LUV with Joey!

Teresa is right, you can give us rights and then we can sign in and post.

Mullet Mom said...

Yes, you guessed right, Bryssy, it's me Cindy. I cannot comment on the NKOB as I would have been cradle robbing to be into them. However, back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, he was hot!!

Donna said...

No kidding! His abs alone got him an underwear modeling gig! I DO remember that!

Donna said...

Seriously, Cindy...we need to see the Skunk Stripe if you want to retain credibility! LOL!

Debi said...

Hi Donna,

I like your site change. I think it's great you're doing it. Blogging that is. Helps us here in calif. keep up with you in your neck of the woods. Saw the pictures you sent. The kids are adorable.

I starte my site about the same time.

If you want to add more authors to your blog, try this:
Go to Dashboard-Settings-Permission and voila.

love to hear from you
aunt Debi