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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today my son locked me out of the house. They were both in the kitchen and I went outside just for a minute to get the recycling buckets. I said, "Ethan, do not play with the door. Mommy will be right back." Then he locked it. Go ahead, laugh. I could see Micah through the window, cracking up in the high chair. I would've laughed, too, if I would've seen myself banging on the door, yelling, "ETHAN JAMES YOU OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!" I'll admit it- I lost it when he finally did open the door. I gave him a spanking and a time-out. Ethan has been right squirrelly this week. After a month of being sick, he's had a course of antibiotics and is feeling much better. The following are a few of the funny things he's said recently. I call them "Ethanisms" and I'm making a list.

While taking a bath: "Mommy, sit potty. Mommy, you sit on big white oval."
Daddy asks, "Ethan, do you want to wear your Wall-E shoes or your Lightning McQueen shoes?" Ethan's response, "I no wear shoes. I wear Ethan feet!"
"Daddy run naked!" No explanation needed.
From the den, to me on the other side of the house, "MOMMY I WATCH ROBIN HOOD DADDY TURN ON ROBIN HOOD FOR ME DADDY GOOD MAN YOU NOT MAN YOU LADY!" All one sentence.
"Kota [our pet cat] can't dance. Kota a kitty. Kitties don't dance."
On the phone to my friend Erica, "I watching Thomas. I probably see a silly engine."
"It dark in my shirt!"
"I want another big cookie!"
And the kicker:
"Ethan, did you toot?" my friend Lori asks. "No! I don't toot. My mommy toots."
Thanks, Buddy.


Donna said...

They'll tell on ya every time! We just have no privacy anymore.

It's like the time we had rats in the house (like, a week after moving in) and KID 1's little preschool backpack got a hole chewed through it. He went directly to school and told his teacher, "We have WATS!"

Liz said...

Wats!- I love it! One day I was putting Ethan in his carseat for preschool and I accidentally scratched him with my keys and he said, "I tell Miss Sandy (his teacher) Mommy hurt me with her keys!" Fortunately he had forgotten by the time we got to school.

Pam said...

Hey Liz - great post. Thanks for helping us smile or even laugh out loud from your misery. I just consider myself lucky that Alex hasn't thought of this already :)

Rachel said...

So far our Little Guy has only locked HIMSELF in the bathroom, but he does know how to operate the lock on the front door, so I'll keep my fingers crossed we don't have to deal with that problem...

Hilarious post! Thanks so much for the desperately needed laugh today!

Karly said...

Kids say the darndest things!!
Your son will really enjoy looking back at the funny things he has said. Such a great idea to write it all down!
My two year old locked himself and his baby sister in the car last week. After a lot of coaxing he unlocked the doors. I drove straight to the hardware to store the get one of those magnetic key holders that goes under your car. YIKES!!

Lori V. said...

Too funny! You forgot to add the one about mommy making a bad choice!