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Sunday, November 16, 2008

God even blesses my messes...

...and boy is my purse ever a mess! After a day of my deal chasing it is full of coupons, receipts, torn-apart store ads, lists, and anything else I might need including but not limited to tissues, Hot Wheels cars, snack containers, pens, pencils, crayons...just all kinds of probably-not-necessary stuff. Add a few layers of obvious trash, ten pounds of coins, and scattered dollar bills, and it's a real jungle in there.

That day I realized that I was practically weight-lifting when I put the bag on my shoulder, but I had one more errand to run for French class before I could go home and play "Clean Sweep" with it. I grabbed what I needed at the store and headed to the check-out in the Garden Center (after a sometimes strenuous trip through a super center I find being surrounded by flowers and Christmas trees helps my mood a bit).

My phone rang just as I was getting close to the cash register, so I stood back and took the call. While I was talking I noticed that the cashier was flustered. She was searching the area for something. She eventually threw her hands in the air and called over her shoulder to another employee, "It was just here, but I can't find it." I finished my call and started piling bread and food coloring on the counter, but this normally really friendly person was obviously agitated about something.

When she told me the total, I began rummaging through receipts, coupons, and lots of other messy stuff to find the cash I planned to use for the purchase. I pulled out a folded bill as she waited and I was embarrassed to see that a paper clip had fastened itself and some other non-cash stuff to my money. I put on my trying-to-be-funny smile and said, "Need a paper clip?" in my best caught-in-an-embarrassing-moment tone. Her eyes grew wide, her jaw dropped, and she just nodded.

After her initial shock, she shook her head, nearly jumped across the counter, and said, "That's what I've been looking for! I need a paperclip!" Instantly her cheerful demeanor returned and she started smiling for the first time. I stood there staring, a little shocked myself.

"See," she said, beaming and turning to her co-worker, "God provides!"

So, to make an incredibly long, drawn-out story short, my prayer for you today is that you would see the fulfillment of Maria's verse from earlier this week in your own life. Also, if you're able, try to look for unexpected ways to bless others this week. Finally, if you are in need of paperclips, well, you know who to call.


Karly said...

Rachel, Sorry I didn't comment yesterday. I try not to blog on Sundays--I'm trying to prove to my husband that I am not addicted! :)
Anyways, I loved this post! My purse can be a very scary place. Embarassing at times. Especially when I am digging through to find something. It's nice to know that even my messes could be a blessing to someone too!
Although, my problem is I always carry too much stuff "just in case" we might need it. Now I will never want to take anything out just in case someone else might need it. Look for me...
You'll recognize me by my enormous bag!!

Rachel said...

Too funny, Karly--it's good to hear I'm not the only one!