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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

End of My Vacation

Tomorrow marks the end of my vacation time. Yes, public school gets out tomorrow and my vacation time ends and my kids' vacation begins.

How are we going to survive, I mean thrive this summer? Well, it'll be a collage of home time, swimming lessons, play dates, Cypress Gardens, Kids at College, art classes and maybe even gymnastics classes. I am hoping to get through those Bridges workbooks and maybe even teach them some spanish.

I am going back and forth on being excited and hopeful to being overwhelmed and negative about the summer. My goal is to keep them busy, but not too busy because I want to enjoy this time with them. When my life gets too pressured it makes it hard for me to be patient and kind and all the things I want to be as a Mom.

The following list is what I hope to accomplish.

Top 5 Things I hope to accomplish this summer:

1) Make reading a priority every day. I would like to have a reading time for myself and the girls. We have started the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on my Kindle and the girls really love the story. I have even loved reading it to them. Great book! I hope to finish it by the end of summer with them. I also want to read my Bible more.

2) Be patient and kind. This is a hard one for me when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. It's something I really need to work on. If I'm tired, late and irritated, it gets ugly. So, I am going to try to leave myself plenty of time to get to places and finish things.

3) Plan memorable family times. I want to plan visits to family and create some memories for the girls with their cousins. Also, play with the girls. I mean REALLY play. Just cut-up and have fun with them. I want them to see my fun side most of the time.

4) Exercise! I am now enjoying some exercise classes at the YMCA. I plan on going 3-4 days a week to keep my heart strong and muscles toned. Very therapeutic.

5) Spend some time with hubby. We are going to a marriage conference in June to learn the basics of what it takes to have a great marriage. Where else do you get to learn these things? It'll be a nice weekend away from the kids and I hope it'll strengthen the great marriage I already have.

Well, that's it. I know August will be here before we know it. Hope everyone has a great summer! Do you have any goals to reach this summer?


Lindsay said...

Our summer sounds a lot like your summer, and I have very much the same goals as you do.

1.I too just want to have fun with my girls. They are growing up so quickly and I want to enjoy the summer.

2. I am also going to keep Avery working on reading and doing some other "school" (fun) type stuff to keep her brain working over the summer.

3. I want to do more art projects with the girls. Now that they are getting bigger I want to make stuff out of cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls like I did as a kid. :)

4. I want to keep up the excersize I've been doing and help keep the girls active as well. We plan to spend a lot of time outside.

5. I want to stay connected with my friends even when life gets busy.

Donna said...

I'm starting my YA novel. Scary for me to take the leap, but thrilling, too! I've already begun researching for it, which is proving difficult with the kids at home ALL THE TIME!!! Doesn't help that my research is on genetic engineering and the only time I have to read is at the end of the day when I'm exhausted!

More Goals for Summer include:
Working on beginning reading skills with KID 1. Math concepts like greater than, less than. Simple addition.

Lots of hiking and swimming.

Just generally enjoying my family and having fun!

Liz said...

My only goal this summer is to get Ethan off his pacifier. Otherwise, we'll just have fun, I guess!