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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am not a superstitious person. I don't care if I walk under a ladder, or break a mirror, or have my path crossed by a black cat. But it seems that I have some power to jinx myself.

My Little King does NOT like to sleep. Most of his naps last about 30 minutes (if I am lucky!). But if his nap does by some miracle last longer, all it takes to wake him up is for me to say some thing like "Wow, He is sleeping really good!" That is a guarantee that he will wake up within seconds.

If I want my son to stop eating and start throwing food on the floor, all I have to say is "You are being such a good eater today!"

If I want to break our week of being healthy I just say "Wow! We have not been sick for a while now!"

If I want to have my son starting put toys/food/anything from the floor into his mouth, I just say "Oh, it's OK. He doesn't pick up things and put them in his mouth!"

If I want to throw off our nap schedule that we finally gotten, I merely have to say "He usually naps around noon, so we can be there around 2 O' clock no problem!"

If I want him to wake up earlier in the morning. "He sleeps in until 9:00 so that is really nice for me!"

If I want him to freak out and cry in the professional photo of all the grand-kids: "He does great for pictures! he loves his cousins, this will be fine!"

Who knew I had such powers... now if I could find a way to use them for good and not evil, I'd really have something!


Karly said...

Yes, I totally understand! My lastest one is, "She is so much more laid back than our boys. She is going to be our easy one."

And then our daughter grew a diva personality and a little temper almost overnight-complete with high pitched growling! Hmmm...I totally JINXED myself!

Lindsay said...

I know exactly what you mean. I think they can secretly hear us and just want to prove us wrong. Maybe we could start using reverse psychology on them. "She never naps", "She's a horrible eatter", "She never obey's the rules"......I have a feeling that won't work. :)

fawnda said...

Yes, Karly, you totally Jinxed yourself with your little princess! She has quite the little personality! I am glad that I got to see it in person!

Lindsay, I have a feeling that you are right that reverse psychology wont work! But just in case it might:
He is totally not going to sleep all night tonight!
He is not going to nap tomorrow!

Wouldn't it be fun if he started to get 4 more teeth!

We'll see what that does... I might have made it worse!

Donna said...

It never fails. As soon as I notice and remark that things are going well and the kids are "in a good phase," everything changes! We get sick, they stop listening, sleeping, eating, whatever, and we're back to square one (but a little older and a little wiser)!

Funny post, Fawnda! It's so true! I think it's God's way of reminding us not to get too full of ourselves.

jeannine said...

yep, me too. ditto to everything.