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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Father's Day

I'm not sure how you all feel about Father's Day - if it's the same as Mother's Day (I know some of you are kind of anti-Mother's Day), and feel free to debate the topic here today, but what I really want to do today is talk about my dad.
He was NOT into Father's Day, or any other holiday, to be perfectly honest. He was a very politically incorrect, unconventional kind of guy. But he was also brilliant, hilarious, generous, and a good dad. He wasn't exactly full of words of wisdom, but he did share some with me, and I want to share them with you, too.
"Tomorrow is another day." I know, I know, this is really from Gone With the Wind, but it's true. It's akin to "His mercies are new every morning." Last week I had a bad day. I mean bad. Probably one of the worst days I've ever had in my life. First thing in the morning I found out something very ugly that is going on in my family, then Ethan got poop all over the bathroom and got powder all over his bedroom while I was cleaning up the poop, then my house was robbed and the creep(s) stole my engagement ring, diamond earrings, bracelet with the boys' names on it, and an amethyst bracelet/earring set my dad had given me. I was so upset and discouraged. But, I remembered my dad's words and felt a little better knowing that the next day would be new.
"Don't regret things you've done. It's worse to regret not doing something." He wasn't talking about sin, of course. We all do things we regret. He was talking about taking risks and doing what you really want to do, even if you're a little scared by the idea. I like to think that because of this advice, I've done lots of cool things, like skydiving, traveling overseas, riding roller coasters, getting married, and starting tae kwon do when I was 26.
This last piece of advice was his favorite. I told you he was unconventional and I think I've mentioned before that he was really into guns. I don't think this one needs any explanation.
"If you're ever in a room with a loaded gun, make sure it's yours."
Thanks, Daddy, I miss you!
Happy Father's Day to you and your hubbies!


fawnda said...

Your dad had some good advice! Especially that last one! :)

Donna said...

I'm not opposed to these "honorary" holidays, because it reminds everyone how important the roles of mother and father are in our society. Unfortunately, by January most of us are feeling rather unappreciated, so I think we need to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day at least twice a year.

We were traveling back from Seattle on Mother's Day this year, so we really didn't do anything special. Perhaps my family should celebrate "Parent's Day" this Sunday, instead of Father's Day...of course, with two preschoolers, celebrating ourselves is really just extra work for us! I look forward to the day my kids can pamper me a little. I remember bringing my mom breakfast on a tray, making all kinds of special arts and crafts based on my handprint or picture, and basically making her "Queen for the Day." It was fun!

For me, Father's Day is rather bittersweet. I did not have a father in my life worth celebrating. We would make my mom "Happy Father's Day, Mommy!" cards, since we knew she was filling both roles in our lives as much as she could.

Now I have the huge blessing of my own family and I love seeing what a great dad my husband is. I want to celebrate him with our kids. Being a father is easy, but being a great dad is truly defining our family and setting the tone of our home. What a thing to celebrate!

Pam said...

Dear Liz, I hate it that your dad is gone. I hope that you and your family have a good father's day celebrating your husband and remembering your fathers. Great post - made me cry.

Maria said...

Liz, I'm so sorry about your terrible day. I'm sending you a hug right now.

Father's Day is right up there with Mother's Day for me. It'll be sad, but then the day will pass and everything will be OK. I'm planning on just concentrating on my hubby on that day to make his day special.

"Leave and Cleave" is in the Bible for a reason. Having your own family to think about helps when you feel sad about your own parents passing on. We are now the parents instead of being the children.

Karly said...

Liz, that does sound like the worse day ever!! I am soooo sorry that happened to you. Hopefully, your father's advice proved true and the subsequent days have been better.

Losing a loved one just plain SUCKS!! But you do such a great job Honoring your father and keeping his memory alive. From all you've written, I kind of feel like I know him.

May God minister to you and your family in a special way this Father's Day.

Lindsay said...

Liz I've told you this already, but I really trully am sorry you had such an awful day the other day and if there is anything I can do to help out please let me know! {{HUGS}} to you.

I am the biggest daddies girl on planet earth......lol Just thinking about my dad brings tears to my eyes because he is such an important person to me. That is why I am just so very thankful that my hubby is the same kind of daddy to his little girls. I don't mind at all if they grow up to be "daddy's girls". I am so very thankful that they truly know thier daddy loves them. So Father's day is a good day for me. I get to spend it with the two most important men in my life.