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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Was Once An Angel

Yes. I was once an angel. True Story.

Years ago, Mark and I took a trip up to New Jersey to where I grew up. It was a nostalgic trip and it was so nice seeing old friends and family. I showed Mark my old town, house, school and such. We also went to NY City and were in the studio audience for the Jon Stewart Show (when he was on MTV) and Mark actually got to say "Hi!" to Daisy Fuentes. It was a bunch of fun, but some weird and creepy things happened to us on the trip.

First weird thing that happened to us: In New Jersey, we stayed at the Red Bull Inn. Family friends told us that in times past, it was a place where mob hits happened. They showed us clippings and everything. We just laughed and said "we'll be fine". Well, in the middle of the night some guy came to the door and just pounded on it wanting in. We thought we were going to be the next mob hit. Wrong place, wrong time. He eventually went away, but our nerves were frayed.

The other weird thing that happened to us: On the way back to Florida, it was getting really late and so we stopped at a motel just off some interstate. I was driving, Mark was sleeping, and this place looked like a mirage. There was absolutely nothing around, but this really nice looking motel. I parked and went into the lobby.

I saw a girl behind the counter and a guy in the lobby just talking away to her. I thought to myself, "It's a good thing this girl has her boyfriend hanging out with her. It's so late to be alone working in some motel lobby in the middle of nowhere.". As I asked for a room for the night, the girl passed a note to me saying: "HELP CALL POLICE" then she turned away as if nothing happened.

What?!?! I thought, "This is NOT happening! I'm gonna die!"

I then noticed this guy was actually pacing around and starting to lock the doors. I walked out as casually as possible with the key to a room. When I got to the car, my brain and body was in overdrive! Adrenaline kicked in and I was just jabbering away to sleepy Mark.

"He's gonna kill her! He's gonna kill her! We have to call 911! We have to call 911!", I said, over and over again.

Mark was all irritated about being awakened and didn't get it. We got to the room and my hands were shaking so badly, I couldn't get the key in the door. Mark finally got his shoes on and mosied up and opened the door. I flew to the phone and dialed 911. I began barking orders to block the door and look for an escape route out the bathroom. He started to understand the situation and when he looked out our window, he saw the guy staring at us from the lobby down by the parking lot. MARK then started freaking out. He said: "He saw me! He saw me! He saw me looking at him! He knows where we are!"

We were gathering some weapons of choice, ie. lamp, phone, chair, and when Mark looked out again, we saw a police car drive in and HIM drive out right past the police car! We waited a few minutes thinking of the carnage that the police were seeing and bravely went to the lobby.

The girl was visibly shaken but all in one piece. She told me and the police that the guy in the lobby was a stranger that came in and told her about escaping from a mental institution. He stole a car and was on his way to "visit" his ex-wife whom he had some issues with. She said that when I walked in, she thought that I must be an angel. She had been praying for someone to save her because he was starting to act really mad and was locking the doors.

Needless to say, we got our money back and left town. We were so amped we drove another 2 hours and stayed at a well-known, well-lighted and safe-looking hotel.


Lindsay said...

Weird and Creepy.

Some friends of ours were in a hotel one night when they heard gun fire, and then the police yelling "everyone get on the floor" right outside there room. They got on the floor in between the beds, and covered themsevles with blankets and pillows. They then heard bullets flying like crazy, and glass breaking.

They later found out that there was a drug bust next door. The police had been called after they were already in their room, but someone in the room shot and killed someone else (also in the room), so the police had to act quickly. They were freaked out!

Pam said...

Wow - what else can I say but oh my gosh!! God works in mysterious ways.

Liz said...

FREAKY. I still have chills from reading this!

Donna said...

Great story...I hope they caught that guy before he found his ex-wife! I'm convinced that God uses us as "angels" unaware.

You could turn this into a short story!

Maria said...

I know. we were so freaked out that we just blazed first chance we got.

Karly said...

I never heard this story--crazy!! You really were an angel!

Maria said...

I really should tell this one around a campfire, huh!

fawnda said...

You have great hotel stories... this one and the toothbrush one... got any more? he he he!

Maria said...

Well, we're going to stay at a hotel this weekend! We'll see what happens!