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Friday, August 14, 2009

Being Karly's Younger sister

Karly is on vacation with her family again this week. This is Fawnda posting today. Being the younger sister that I am, I thought you might want to hear some funny stories about Karly from my point of view! She does not know that I am doing this... wont it be a nice surprise for her! ;)

I have to start off by saying that Karly was the BEST older sister I could have asked for. She is more than just a sister, she is my closest friend.

Ok on to the stories!

A Sweet One:
We shard a room for most of our childhood. I am very prone to nightmares. I was so bad, that I had them from watching scooby-doo (yes the cartoon). Often in the middle of the night when I would wake up crying, Karly would be there to comfort me. She would take all of her stuffed animals (she had a lot and they were all better than mine!) and place them around me and tell me they were there to protect me. Can you ask for anything more!

A Boy-Crazy One:
Karly has always been beautiful. Boys would always fall in love with her at first site. Let me tell ya, it was sometimes hard to stand next to the blond beauty! I can vividly remember a trip our family took to a local amusement park, Valley Fair. Karly and I went off on our own for a while (we were probably about 13 and 15 years old). We were standing in line for a roller coaster, the part of the line we were in was right by where the roller coaster would roll by to go up the big hill. While were were standing there, 2 boys starting yelling from the roller coaster "I love you... will you marrying me?.... hey you Blondy... look over here!" They eyes were locked on my sister. This went on for the the whole trip they were climbing up the hill. Do you think they even saw the brunette (me) standing next to her? I don't ether!

The One Where I Had to Break Up With Her Boy-Friend For Her:
If you ever talk with me and Karly, you will see that we have pretty much the same voice and use the same inflections. Often times, people would not believe we were sisters (She is blond with blue eyes and I am brunette with brown eyes) until they talked to us! On the phone it is even harder to tell the difference... my mom has confused us sometimes! So, Karly was going out with this guy. At first she thought he was cute and ok, but he turned out to be some-what of a loser. She felt so bad about breaking up with him, she didn't know if she could do it. So I called him up and pretended to be Karly and broke his heart. It was short conversation, but she owed me big time after that!

The One Where She Becomes A Goddess:
During a week at summer camp Karly came home and had met a guy names Eric, but everyone called him Zeus because he was so good looking he was a "god". Well, Eric found his goddess that week, yep, Karly. Her nickname became: Venus. Let me tell ya, Eric was VERY VERY good looking! (But nothing compared to My Husband of course! ) But, looks are not everything. Karly will tell you that he was cute but not a good looking as her husband, she is head over heels in love with her man!

The One When I knew He Was The One!
Like I said before, Karly was a blond goddess. I had guys talk to me in high school simply because I was Karly's sister. I even had a guy date me because I was her sister (we broke-up after I found that out!) If I dated a guy who did not know Karly, once they met her, they would be like "Wow! Your sister is Hot!" (High school boys are so dumb!) This was none of Karly fault, of course, but still not fun! So when I started dating my husband, I was a little nervous when it came time to meet Karly. I tried to prep him so that he would not be taken off guard and just stare at her. But after he met her is said "I don't see what the big deal is... you are MUCH more pretty than her!" I almost asked him to merry me right there! (He did not mean any disrespect to Karly!)

I will leave you with those... maybe Karly will think twice before leaving town without writing her motley post! : )


Pam said...

So funny - great stories. Just beware in case you ever leave town and Karly blogs for you - he he.

Anonymous said...

Fawnda, If it makes you feel better, now I'm the brunette standing next to Karly and I love her like a sister! Hope to meet you one day!