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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Replaced by a Younger Woman

Until just this week, our son has always declared that when he grows up, he wants to marry his mommy. Despite the Oedipal implications, I've always secretly been flattered by his innocent wish. I kind of enjoyed being his "dream girl." But I knew it wouldn't last.

He met a new "friend" this week at Wee Woozles and is totally smitten! He came home and declared his love for Lilly, then began making her pictures, cards, and even play money. He hopes to get back to the craft shop so he can make her a leather bracelet with her name on it to match his own...apparently even 5 year-old boys have good instincts when it comes to wooing women! He says he realizes it's still very early, but he has a good feeling he will marry Lilly some day.

We, as most of you know, are from Florida. Lilly, unfortunately, lives in California. It might as well be Siberia as far as 5 year-olds are concerned. I don't have the heart to tell him that the vast majority of long-distance relationships just don't work out. They'll have to figure that out for themselves.

In the meantime, I'm just so glad that he's found a good friend here. It's taken him all summer to find one, and he's been missing his Florida friends desperately. Maybe I should suggest an ice cream date. He's been saving his ice cream money all summer, so he could buy. What girl could resist a sweet deal like that?


Liz said...

This is so funny and so cute! Way to go, Kid 1!

Pam said...

So sweet. If I were five, I would love the ice cream. (I still love it now too)

Bryssy said...

What a little doll he is!

Rachel said...

So precious, but I'm not sure I'm ready for those days yet!

fawnda said...

Very sweet... make me want to sing "Summer Lovin'"!

Maria said...

Your little guy is growing up so fast!

I remember being 5 and having a crush on a boy. He was also 5 and I still remember him to this day. It was a summer crush too at the Jersey Shore (Ortley Beach) 1974.

Whenever I felt like nobody liked me back at school, I would remember Brian and think that at least I knew ONE person that thought I was cool!

Lindsay said...

How cute is that!

I am however thankful that Avery hasn't "discovered" boys yet. She loves to make cards for her "BFF", but hasn't made any for boys yet. With 3 girls I'm just not ready for that yet. :)