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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School work

School is going to begin again and I am going to be ready for it!

I may not be doing everything right, but there is one thing that is working for me. I took the advice of some of those parenting magazines and set-aside a "working" space for each of my kids.

I love it!
They love it!

It is their place to color, write, read, doodle, whatever.

Here's a pic of them coloring at their respective tables this morning. The only trick to the whole thing is to have them keep their areas neat. If they can't find the table because of clutter, then they won't be tempted to use it to work on.
How are you getting your kids ready for school or homeschool?


Rachel said...

What a neat work area! I love the tables!

We are going to pre-school for the first time this year, and I wish I could say we are preparing for it, but I can't even find the materials list for his class in the mess of this move! I have been trying to organize our son's room into play areas so that he can get used to the "stations" at school, and I'm putting picture/word labels on his shelves and bins to prepare him for sorting and to help him put things away on his own.

As for mentally getting prepared, he's already there--every morning he asks if his school is open yet. It's so good to see him approach it with enthusiasm!

Enjoy the rest of summer, Maria, and best of luck to your beautiful girls on their new school year!

Lindsay said...

Avery has been doing homework every day or so all summer long. She is also reading a chapter book almost everyday (today she read two, 10 chapter, Magic Treehouse books). Plus last week she went to "Blast off to first grade" up at the school. She is totally read for first grade, and I've already had a meeting with the school about putting her into second grade reading (she finished the first grade reading book last year).

Sage is going to Pre-K, all week, half days this year. It's her first time at "school" and she is super excited. We have just been doing lots of reading (I read to her), and working on letter sounds.

I have all their school clothes (except Avery's t-shirts which I can't get until open house), and shoes, book bags, lunch boxes, hair stuff..... We are ready.

I am sad that they are going back to school, I will miss them. :( It's just going to be me and Capri in the mornings and I think that will feel strange.

Maria said...

Rachel- the stations idea is great and the idea of him cleaning up the stations will help him at school. I'm glad he's so excited about going to school.

Lindsay - Avery sounds like she is doing fantastic! Thanks for the reminder about getting everything ready including shoes, bags, hair things, etc... I still need to do some more of that.