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Sunday, August 30, 2009


The other day while I was cleaning the bathroom I found a ball, along with other toys, behind the toilet. I laughed and thought about how different cleaning our house has become since the arrival of our little king. 10 months ago there were not toys hiding behind the toilet! Instead of being annoyed at it, I was thankful. I was thankful that I had a little boy to throw toys behind my toilet! (there is something I never thought I'd say). Not that I love to clean up all the time after my little king who throws toys EVERYWHERE, but I can be thankful for having a son who I love so much! It makes the cleaning a little bit better!

There are a lot of women who long to stay up night and rock a baby to sleep, to pick up toys after a toddler, to clean a poopy diaper. I was one of them. I don't want this to be a big guilt trip... I am offering a different perspective.

What are some unusual ways that you find yourself being thankful for your kids?


Liz said...

My friend's nephew, who is 17, has an inoperable brain tumor. Or, actually, he HAD one, as today she told me it is gone. GONE. My first thought is, "Wow! What a miracle!" Then I'm thankful that my kids, while ornery, are healthy.

Lindsay said...

We just had some friends over to our house who are having some MAJOR problems with thier 18 yr old son. It made me thankful that right now their poor choices get them a time out, but nothing much worse than that. I am thankful that they are still little. It makes their little troubles, like fighting with each other, not seem so bad.

jeannine said...

that's a good perspective, thanks Fawnda. Actually, I've been quite overwhelmed with trying to pick up after 5 kids, that I forget to be thankful just to have them. I AM thankful for good friends who are willing to babysit for us so we can have a night out every now and then. We had a wonderful date on Saturday, and it made me thankful for my relationship with my husband again.

fawnda said...

Liz- I too am thankful for a healthy kid. It is easy to take that for granted.

Lindsey- It is easy to get caught up in the little behavior issues that my kids has, but I am thankful I can pick him up when he is throwing a fit and put him in his crib!

Jeannine- Friends who babysit are the best kind of friends (especially if you have 5 kids!) I am glad you got to go out with your hubby!

Pam said...

Fawnda, your post brought back so many great memories from my early days with Alex. I vowed to never take him for granted and always be thankful for him. Four years later, I am sad that some parts of being a mom are work for me instead of joy. Still, each day I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful little boy.