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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frozen Treats for the Last Days of Summer

The Little Guy and I decided to make "Cheerios Frozen Bananas" after after I received the recipe in my email (It came in the Dinner Made Easy newsletter from Betty Crocker). We had a blast making them, and he absolutely loved eating them. (Shhh...they're pretty healthy, too!)

We used strawberry yogurt and plain Cheerios. What I like most about this recipe is that there are so many options for the cereal and yogurt, and I can control which ones we use.

It was also a fun activity to do together--I was in charge of the cutting and yogurt dipping, and he was in charge of coating the bananas with the cereal. When they were finally frozen, he got to be the taste-tester, and he devoured one in minutes saying, "Mmmm...good ice cream," while he ate. He wanted it for his dessert after dinner. I can handle that kind of dessert!


Liz said...

I bought all the stuff for this Saturday and I have yet to make them! Thanks for the reminder.

Tara said...

Very cool....I've never heard of those. They look good!

fawnda said...

I have one thing to say: "Yummo!"