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Monday, August 24, 2009

Seussical Summer

“From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere.”
~ Dr. Seuss, One fish two fish red fish blue fish

After my heavy post last week, I thought I would try to post something lighter. Last week, I read a few of our Dr. Seuss books to Alex at bedtime, and I got inspired. If I were friends with Dr. Seuss himself, this is probably how he would sum up the last month with the Carvers.

A month ago we moved cross-state.
My husband didn’t hesitate
to drive this huge gigantic van
in the back of our caravan.
But soon after the trip began
we had to pull over and talk to the Man.
The state trooper was firm but kind.
DH was following too close behind.
That’s my wife, my husband said.
Oh said the Man. His face was red.
A warning was our souvenir,
and then my DH kept off my rear.

This one wants to ride the bus.
Every day he makes a fuss
when I put him in the car
to drive to school. Here we are.
But I must keep him safe you see,
from big mean kids who bully.
But this one is convinced he’ll see
Dana and Roy from Hoot, the movie.
It’s so hard when we’re young to see
what’s pretend and what’s reality.

Gaining Weight
You cannot trust your underwear.
This is a fact I’m sad to share.
They watch you eat and eat and eat
foods way too salty, fat and sweet
and then they grow and grow and grow.
They grow in silence; you won’t know
until it is to late my friend
with ten new pounds on your hind end.


Liz said...

LOL! The first line of the last one KILLED me. You are so funny! I miss you. :(

Donna said...

AWESOME!!! I love poems about underwear. This is the only one I've ever read, but I'm sure if more poets included underwear in their subject matter, more people would read poetry, fo sho!

fawnda said...

Pam you ROCK at poems! I love the underwear one too.... totally cracked me up!

Karly said...

That was AWESOME!! You should enter that in a contest. The last verse was hysterical! Seriously. Although, the first part about your husband riding too closely on your tail is also very funny.

I do think there should be more poems about underwear.

Pam said...

Thanks girls! I am glad you liked them, and I am glad they made you smile. Happy Monday!

Lindsay said...

Fun post! I am not a poet at all so I am totally impressed.

Maria said...

Thanks for the laugh!

Jody said...

I loved your poems. You are so creative.