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Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Halloween Costume

This is technically my son's 1st Halloween. Last Halloween we were meeting our son for the VERY FIRST time in Korea. Our first meeting with our son, his foster mom and our Korean social worker was on Oct 31st. Our son was about 9 months and we had been waiting for that day for a LONG time! They do not celebrate Halloween in Korea so he did not have a costume. Halloween will always have a new special meaning for our family now!
So, I have had a year to prepare for this. To think and plan and get his Halloween costume.
It is harder than it looks, ya know- picking the RIGHT costume. I want it to be something cute (obviously!) but also something that has some sort of meaning for my son. He is 20 months old so, it is hard to discern what is really meaningful to him right now (besides food and mommy- not much else matters to him). I also don't want to repeat what my nieces and nephews have already done. I have 9 of them so it can get a bit tricky!
I finally decided that he is going to be a giraffe. When we read "Goodnight Gorilla" he loves the giraffe and when I ask my son "what sound does a giraffe make" he roars like a a lion. It is hilarious! I thought it would be so cute to dress him up as a giraffe and have him roar away all night! (what sound does a giraffe make anyway?!)
cute- check!

meaningful- check!

Now, I just have to find the costume... I think I saw a giraffe costume out there somewhere, right! I went to Target, Old Navy, the Party Shop, and Once Upon A Child... no giraffe! They have monkeys, lions, tigers, horses, chickens, turkeys...pretty much everything but a giraffe! I found one at Babies R Us but only in a size 12 months... too small. this really should not be this hard!

Thank goodness for the Internet! I ordered one from Babies R Us online! It will be shipped to my door is 5-7 business days! Here is a picture of the costume! I can't wait to see it on my son!

Now I just have to think of a costume for me!


Maria said...

AWWWW! He will look so cute in that. Fun!

Donna said...

It's fun to dress them up at that age! They don't have any strong opinions about costumes yet, so it's basically Mommy's choice!

KID 1 is VERY excited about being the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. He doesn't watch TV, so there aren't any mainstream "characters" he knows too much about. When I suggested that we all go as characters from this story, his eyes lit up at the mention of the wolf! KID 2 is just happy to wear any costume at all...she loves to dress up. ;)

Have fun with your little guy on his first halloween!

Karly said...

Fawny, I think it is so cool that you met your little king on Halloween. That makes it an extra special day!! So there is no way that you are going to top last year. :)

But your little guy is SOOOO cute, it won't matter what costume he wears! Although, we may need to skype so that we can see the "roaring" giraffe!