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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Treasure Hunting

Paul and I are heading off to a mega yard sale today, hoping to snag some good deals on furniture and toys. I love treasure hunting at yard sales, but hate driving around hunting for sales. The community sale we're going to today is huge and every other house or so usually participates. It's in a wealthy neighborhood (Disney's Celebration) so the stuff is usually pretty nice...I'm so excited! Nothing says "Fall" here in Central Florida like the Celebration Yard Sale!

I will try to get back here and post our "finds" this evening! Last year I got $400 Pottery Barn curtains, brand-new in the bag, for $30, a beautiful large gilt frame (antique) for $2 which I still intend to turn into a felt storyboard for the kids, and a bag full of designer, brand name clothes for our son for $1.

Some of you are planning to go yard saling this weekend, too. Stop by and share your treasure finds with us and tell us how you will use or repurpose what you find!

Good luck!

Edited at 5:30pm - We were a bit disappointed with our haul this time around, but still found some interesting treasures:

Throw pillow covers, The Company Store (new in package): $1 ea.

Harvest placemats, set of 4, The Co. Store (new): $5/set

Magnetix Kit: $2 (included some, but this will also accomodate our existing collection of Magnetix)

This set is made by a New Zealand company called Humdinger. Wood pieces, string and primary colored spheres make this an intriguing, long-lasting learning toy. They can design their own pull-along toys, plus lots of other fun stuff...whatever their imaginations can invent!: $8
Found any treasures lately?


Bryssy said...

Well, I didn't make as big of a haul this year as I did last year...the problem - my husband had to work and I had to bring my kids. Not recommended.

Some highlights -
Stride Right Shoes for my kids - $1a pair. 2 for Contessa and 3 for Bryson. A pair of Adidas Soccer cleats (pink and black) for Contessa with shin guards for $2. The red (1 Step Ahead?)push-car - $5 (now Bryson doesn't have to ride in the pink one anymore!) A pair of brand new Sketchers Excercisers (retails at $110) for $30 - only worn once and fit me perfectly. A bubble mower for $1, really nice and sturdy shopping cart for the kids $2, brand new backpack for Contessa $1, blue baseball mitt for Bryson $0.50, a set of Christmas dishes (for 12) for $10. I got a few nice Wilton and Pampered Chef cooking items for very little and bunches of clothes for Contessa (size 6 or bigger) very inexpensive ($1 or less). Pottery Barn plush Halloween bags for each kid (airplane for Bryson, pumpkin for Contessa) $1 each. A box of dress up clothes ($3) and some other small miscellany.

I am sure I could have done better had I not had my "helpers" but it was what it was.

Interestingly, Rachel was looking for a Buzz Lightyear costume and I found one, brand new, for $10. On the way back to the car with it, I had some other shoppers offer me $20 for it.

Donna said...

Sounds like you still did pretty darn well, Bryssy! Can't believe you found Stride Rites for $1 a pair!

I wasn't finding very many sales. My sister did find a few baby gear items on her list (Eddie Bauer stroller and matching car seat w/2 bases: $30, SnuggleNest infant co-sleeping bed with light, like new: $10, and a bookcase for her big girl, cherry finish: $5!). I will not be tacky and tell you how much they were ASKING for everything we bought today, but let's just say I never paid what was originally asked! I consider the asking price a "jumping off point" at most yard sales, unless it's for a good cause.

Bryssy said...

I always think the key to getting good deals is knowing what things cost. You don't want to totally insult the person you are buying from but you also have to get a good deal for yourself.

Magnetix sets are often on sale at TRU online - I got my kids a buch of sets for Christmas (ordered them over the summer) and they were only about $2.50 a set. I'll probably wait another year to give them to them (so many little parts) but I think I got 8 sets for less than $20 and free shipping.

That lacing set looks cool! Excellent find! I got a beautiful antique embroidered red table cloth for $3 today - definitely a steal!

Rachel said...

Well, as Bryssy said my big treasure of the day is the Buzz Lightyear costume she found--I can't wait to see it! Otherwise, I got a bike for our son for $7, a Mega Bloks castle set (3 1/2 feet tall!) for $10, several French books for kids and a Leap Frog caterpillar that speaks French for $5, and a backpack with a My First Leap Pad unit and 7 books and cartridges for...$20! I was pretty happy. I had hoped to find some things for the house, but I just didn't see anything that fit.

I love the pillow covers, Donna--they are beautiful! Bryssy, you amaze me with the deals you find--awesome deals on the footwear and soccer gear!

All in all, it was a fun morning and it was nice to spend some time shopping with a friend. Can't wait til next year! :)

Donna said...

Good tip about the Magnetix, Bryssy. I got our set (a huge zip bag full) for about $.50 at a yard sale last year...probably at Celebration!

Another thing you can get on sale or clearance online are the Kid K-Nex sets. My sister picked up a couple of sets for $5 online (TRU or Amazon, I think) and is saving them for my kids for Christmas. They LOVE these building toys.

I had never heard of Humdinger toys, but this set is really awesome! It's in great shape, too, so we might save it as a Santa's Workshop gift for the kids.

Donna said...

One thing that bugs me at yard sales is when the person feels compelled to tell me how much they paid orginally. Frankly, I don't care how much it cost when it was new. It is clearly not new now. One person told me he paid $1000 for his dining table, so he was asking $500. The wood was scratched and dented, clearly showing signs of several years' wear and tear. I thought that was high. Apparently everyone else did too. His table was still there when we drove by at noon.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the Buzz Lightyear costume, either, Rachel! Good deal on the bike, too! I agree, it really was fun to go treasure hunting. We enjoyed walking around on such a beautiful day!

Liz said...

I'm so glad you found Buzz, Bryssy. I feel terrible about not being able to give mine to Rachel because I gave it to the Care Center.

Lindsay said...

I want to go next year, but it wasn't in the card's this year!!! :( I am glad you guys found some good deals.