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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year.

Last year we were focused on a different little pumpkin! Our Little King! Last year on October 31st we met our son for the first time. We had arrived in Korea the night before. We were very nervous and excited!
Our meeting with our son included me, Jason, our Korean social worker, our son and his foster mom. The 5 of us met in one of the agency's observation rooms. We asked questions of the foster mom about our little kings schedule, what he ate, how he went to sleep... etc. She told us as much information as she could and tried to show off all the things our son could do. We then got 20 minutes alone with our baby. It was the first time our family was alone, together. The total meeting lasted about an hour. We left with another meeting scheduled, a bunch of pictures, and anticipation. (we actually did not get custody of our son until a few days later, this was just a meeting time)

Here are some pictures of that day: It is interesting looking back at these pictures and remembering this day. I remember when we took these pictures, I was thinking, "This is going to be my baby!" Now when I look at the pictures I think "That is MY baby!" (We are all dressed up because it is Korean Culture to dress your best)

Last year for Halloween, Jason and I got a whole new identity, not just a costume. We became parents! We will be celebrating Halloween today with our Little King in some traditional ways (dressing up, getting candy) and some nontraditional ways (looking at pictures and telling the story of how we met for the first time). It is going to be great!
And here is our little giraffe today! Does he look ready for treat-or-treating or what!?


Pam said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad you blogged about this today. Thank you so much for sharing those precious photos. Congratulations! He was adorable then, and he is so cute in his costume this year too! Happy Anniversary!

Karly said...

Cool Pumpkins!! Adorable pictures. Love the Giraffe costume!

I cannot believe it's been one year. It has gone so fast. On the other hand it seems like your little cutie has always been a part of our family.

I've always liked Halloween. It is so fun that you have another reason to celebrate on October 31st. Have fun!!

Donna said...

So sweet! All your little pumpkins are amazing...especially the giraffe! ;)

fawnda said...

Thanks so much! We has A BALL last night!

Our Little King caught on fast to the whole candy thing!