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Friday, October 2, 2009

Motley Logos

Hi Motley Moms! Over the summer, I said I would make us some Motley Logos. Well, I just finally got around to it. I have had some interest in old paper ephemera...all of these logos were made with them......any thoughts?

Do we need something more modern? Vintage? Colorful? Give me any ideas you have, and I'll see what I can do!

Edited to add this last logo. I could do all of the Motley Mom's actual silhouettes on this last one.


fawnda said...

When I first saw this I really liked the 2nd one... but now that you added the bottom one with the option of addiing our silhouettes...I am LOVING that one!

Nice job Bryssy!

Donna said...

These are really neat! I like the second one, I think, but the bottom silhouette one is pretty cool, too.

Rachel is asking her sister Tara to design us a spooky header for October (I think), but until then, I love the second one. Can I throw it up there and see how we like it?

Bryssy said...

Go for it. I'll email it to you, too!