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Saturday, October 24, 2009

They're smarter than we think they are!

Lately, my son is smarter than I give him credit for. He is 21 months old, going on 14! Here are a couple of things he has done that has impressed me.

He wants my attention on him all the time. So if I sit down at the computer he comes over and grabs my hand to run around the house with him. He knows that I can not resists it when he holds my hand... so cute! So we just run in circles around the house. He knows it totally works every time!

My son LOVES to be held. This is fine most of the time since he is an only child (for now) and I love to cuddle with him. But, when I put on my coat (or take it off) I cannot hold him, and he throws a FIT! One day I said to him "Mama has to put on her coat and than I will pick you back up." He stopped his fit and waited for me to put on my coat. He was fine with it as long as he knew I was going to pick him up after.
A similar thing happens when I get him up in the morning and have to change his diaper. He will be saying "Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!" or "Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!" (His new love in life... but that is another post) and throws a fit when I change his diaper. So, I said "I have to change your diaper and than we will go eat." and he was totally fine! So now I try to let him in on what and why I am doing something and he seems to like to know.

The other day he was saying "elma. elma. elma." It sounded much like Ahma (The korean word for Mama, He called me this for the first several months after he came home). I thought it was so sweet he was calling me this little nick-name he used to have for me and said "Do you want your Ahma?"
He grabbed my face with both hands, looked me in the eyes, put his face closer to mine and said "EL-MO!" Like he was saying "DUH! Mom I want ELMO not you!" He wanted to make sure that he had my FULL attention so that I would not be confused to think he may want me instead of his beloved Elmo.... What does that furry, little, red monster got that I don't anyway?! Oh well it could be worse - he could love Barney!

What kinds of things do your kids do that have shown how smart they are?

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