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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sesame Street is Cool!

I have been watching some Sesame Street You Tube videos with my son. They have some really cool celebs that guest star on that show! Here are some of my favorite ones:



Rachel said...

Sesame Street rocks! I love the one where Andrea Bocelli sings Elmo to sleep, and I used to really like the Elmo duet with Chris Brown. It's a little hard to enjoy now after what Brown did to his girlfriend.

I had never seen the Hootie and the Blowfish song before--very cute! Thanks for posting the fun videos!

Pam said...

I LOVE Sesame Street, and one of my favorite things is to see the celebrities on there. We really like the one where Wayne Brady is on singing about Between. Thanks for posting some clips together in one neat place! I have seen the first two, but the last one is new to me. I love the youtube videos because they also have old clips!!! So fun!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing. We got rid of our cable so the kids are now very limited on what they get to watch on TV (not that they watch much anyway). So we've been watching more Sesame street that we use to. Plus my youngest is now getting into Elmo, for the whole 2 mintues that she will watch the TV.

Donna said...

I grew up on Sesame Street! I also lived in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood...he was so CALM, he is still mesmerizing to watch. Captain Kangaroo often stopped by, too!

Now you know why I am the way I am...it was always a beautiful day in the neighborhood, with friendly neighbors and the air was sweet...everything was A-Okay!