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Saturday, January 9, 2010

4 Weeks until...

My baby turns 2. Each day he get closer and closer to 2 and father and father aways from being my sweet little baby! It is exciting and sad all at the same time.

I really wanted to make one of these felt play houses (that fit over your card table) for his 2nd birthday:

This one is from Homemade By Jill I love it!

This one is from This and That so cute on the inside!

A very manly one from Sew Much Ado

A Very princess one from Ikat Bag

So, here I have a TON of inspiration! I have the felt! I bought yards and yards of it when it was 50% off at Joann's in preparation for this project. AND...here is what I have done so far:

yep, a pretty good sketch of what I want to do... no sewing, or cutting yet!! And did I mention that I only have 4 weeks left to complete this project!?!? Time to get my butt in gear!
So I have set up a schedule for myself of what I need to complete each week (basically a side and a little more each week.) I think that it is doable, but it will be tight! I always tell myself I work better under pressure! Now we will see!
Have you ever done this to yourself?


jeannine said...

wow Fawnda, i'm impressed, that looks awesome!

Karly said...

Fawn, this is such a sweet idea! I love it! They are all so fun.

You are always so ambitious with your crafts and you always turn out amazing things in the nick of time! Good luck over the next four weeks!

And if you feel like making another one...

Rachel said...

These are amazing--I never thought of actually making something like that! ;) Have fun doing it--can't wait to see the finished product!

Donna said...

I was in a tight situation on Christmas Eve, frantically trying to finish KID 2's felt storyboard pieces. I had ambitiously planned for 4 stories, but only got 2 done - Caps for Sale and Brown Bear, Brown Bear - but they turned out super cute. I got stressed out over this project, but the end product was worth it!

Lindsay said...

That is adorable! I would totally make one for Capri, but about a week before we moved I got a really cute playhouse for Capri for $10 at a consignment sale. I didn't bring it to the rental so it will be new in the new house. Otherwise I would totally steal your idea! I can't wait to see the finished product.

And I am so sad that your little man is turning 2 because that means mine's not far behind. :(

Liz said...

Mine will be 2 in less than a month. :(