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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Checking in With My Felt Play House

Remember that I really want to make one of these felt play houses (that fit over your card table) for my son's 2nd birthday:

This one is from Homemade By Jill, and I am using it as an example to make my house. Mine is a bit different but I have looked at this house about 100 times to get inspiration or to decide how big something should be.

I am happy to report that I have some work done!

I have cut out all the sides and the roof! (4 orange sides and a brown roof) Orange is my Little King's favorite color.

I have finished the front side with the door and the mail box! The mail box opens so you can put a letter in it! I freezer paper stenciled the letters and numbers on (It was easier way for me to get a cleaner look)

I have cut out all the stuff for the back side and need to sew it on. I also still need to make the apples to hang on the tree and a few more leaves in a lighter green. The basket it going to be a pocket to hold the apples that can get picked off the tree!.

I have 2 sides left to make and then I have to sew it all together. I have two weeks so I think that is do-able!


Liz said...

That's really neat, Fawnda. Great work!

Pam said...

So far, it looks awesome! I wish I would have known about an idea like that when Alex was smaller. So fun. Keep up the good work!

Karly said...

I am impressed! I love the mailbox and basket with apples. Too cute! Can't wait to see the final product.

Donna said...

What fun! The apple tree and basket are adorable. I love that it's interactive and I'm sure Kyan will love it, too!

Lindsay said...


Auntie Bee said...

I am so impressed!!! I love this idea! those details are really well done! the bird and the tree...WOW!!

You're really something!