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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Middle Aged

Stuff that Makes Me Feel Old:
holding books, crosswords, etc., far away from my eyes so I can read them
cold weather vs. my knees
trying to open jars, which I now cannot do without one of those rubber gripper thingys
the stiffness in my left hip I've felt ever since I started cardio kickboxing
Rachel making fun of me for wearing an Aeropostale hoodie
staying up too late - I think I'm still recovering from staying up to watch the National Championship last week
pop music - What is all this crap on the radio? And who are these people?
excessive moisturizing of my neck so that I don't get turkey neck like my mother and grandmother
peeing a little when I sneeze or cough
my 3-year-old beating me at every Wii game he attempts

Stuff That Makes Me Feel Young:
drinking beer while watching football
exercise, especially shooting hoops
playing trains with Ethan
the fact that I have yet to find a gray hair
loud rock music, especially if I'm in the car alone rockin' out
Looney Tunes
making my 17-year-old nephew laugh because we have the same sense of humor

How about you? Feel old? Feel young? Share!


Bryssy said...

Most things make me feel old. Like, the 80's style is coming back - all the kids are wearing acid washed ripped jeans and think they are so chic. I can remember it the first time and it wasn't good then either.

I recently quit drinking coffee and I totally feel old (and cranky). Looking in the mirror makes me feel old. Knowing Contessa will be 5 in 2 months makes me feel really old.

Liz said...

Yeah, my addiction to caffeine definitely makes me feel old. And I'm with you on the 80s fashions. Go away, skinny jeans!

Lindsay said...

What makes me feel young is being born in 1980, but not in a good way. 6 months earlier and I would have been a 1979 baby, which would have been so much better. So that all my friends wouldn't say "ooh you were born in the 80's" even though they are only a year or so older.

The fact that I have a 7 yr old, a 5 yr old, and a soon to be 2 yr old makes me feel old. I am a mom of an elementary school girl, who is already better at me in math.

Plus the other day I was called Mrs. Baker....that sounds SOOOO old.

Donna said...

Yeah...the whole "Mrs." title still bothers me when adults use it. I'm used to students calling me "Mrs.", but when other adults do it, I think "Does she think I'm older than her?" I guess I see it as a term of respect to your elders.

The stuff on the radio DEFINITELY makes me feel like a crank. I can't listen to most of it.

Knowing I am still of "childbearing age" makes me feel young. I don't know why. Just knowing I could.

Teenage "friends" posting surveys on my facebook page that invite my friends to decide whether I should be wearing tight-fitting clothes...I hit "DELETE" on that one! Then I felt old for deleting it because I didn't "get it"...why would anyone invite criticism like that???

Playing with my kids, dancing and singing at Musikgarten classes, laughing with my sisters and girlfriends...totally makes me feel young!

Karly said...

Things that make me feel old: the skin on my face--wrinkles, MTV (totally agree with Liz. What happened to that channel??), talking about our favorite college bands one night after a date and our babysitter had not heard of any of them, everything seems to be heading south...

Things that make me feel young: snorting when I laugh, dancing and singing with my kids, lifting weights and running, sledding, wearing sassy high heels, and reading favorite children's books-still love ' em.

Rachel said...

Walking past the trendy clothing stores for "young" people makes me feel old.

Making fun of old people who wear clothing from those "young" stores makes me feel cool. ;)

Liz said...

Nice one, Rachel. Nice.

Rachel said...

Thank you, Liz. I thought hard on that one.

Donna said...


Pam said...

I feel old when I start to do Math, like this is 2010. I graduated from high school in 1991. Next year is 2011. Wait a minute, that means I have been out of high school for almost 20 years. Then how old am I? Seriously, I forget that fact a lot.

Chasing my five year old keeps me young, but seeing how quickly my semi-permanent hair color fades makes me feel old.