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Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Done!!!

I finished the felt play house with a week to spare! Hooray!

Have you ever made some thing that you just LOVE? I mean, I am so excited about how this turned out! I had visions of what this would turn out to be and they were not as good as this! Not to toot my own horn (toot toot!) but, I am in love with this play house!

Let me give you a tour:

Welcome to the front door.

Complete with a mail box...

...that opens and already has mail in it!

Let's stroll around to the side, with a tree and apples ready to be picked!

On to the back, where the tree and apples continue and you meet a friend Mr. Blue Bird.

Feel free to pick a basket of apples!

Come on around the the other side and stop to smell the roses!

It is NOT too girly, since one of the roses is blue!

Go ahead and pick a flower, and put it back for hours of fun... or use the flowers as drum sticks like my son likes to do!

Here is a close up of my MITERED edged Window... something a Carpenter would truly appreciate! I am very happy with how the windows turned out... I wish the ones on my house looked this good!

Another look at the apple tree.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to visit soon!

Of course, I wish that I cute pictures of my Little King playing in his new house... but as soon as I took the camera out, he had a meltdown. But, he does love it and so do I!


jeannine said...

Fawnda, this is AWESOME!!! you could seriously sell these. I would probably buy one.

Karly said...

Soooo adorable!! I agree with Jeanine, you could sell these. That's about the only way that I will ever get one. The "craft gene" seems to have skipped me in the family. That and the "thick, long, gorgeous hair" gene, too.

Seriously, this looks like a lot of hard work and creativity. It is really cool. I am sure Kyan will love it. I wish Saylor could come over and play in it with him!

fawnda said...

Thanks guys! I have thought about selling them but it was A LOT A LOT A LOT of work... so I think I would charge $100+ and I don't know if people would pay that much and I don't know how ethical I would feel selling them when it was not my original idea...I may have to only make this for people I really love and care about... and both of you are included on that list! : )

Rachel said...

Adorable, just adorable. You did an amazing job on that! I'm in awe! Hope the little guy has fun playing in it!

Donna said...

Awesome job, Fawnda! I'm sure he will get more hours of enjoyment out of this than you put into making it! Great interactive playhut!

Pam said...

So cute - and creative! It is fabulous!!!

Lindsay said...

That turned out super cute! I am sure that all your hard work will pay off in hours of fun playtime. I am impressed with your creativity. :)

Liz said...

Fawnda, that's awesome. I'm so impressed!

Maria said...

That is such a great thing you made! I am in awe of the work you put in and the overall cuteness of it! I know you will enjoy seeing him play in it as much as he will enjoy playing in it!