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Monday, February 1, 2010


"I can lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety."
~ Psalm 4:8

When I was little, I was afraid of EVERYTHING: coyotes, kidnappers, bank robbers, wild dogs, and aliens to name a few. I would wake up in the middle of the night and be so afraid. My Bible back then had a concordance, so I would sit in the bathroom and look up verses on fear.

As an adult, I am often awake in the middle of the night but now it is usually because my child is afraid. My trivial fears from my youth have been replaced by one gigantic one: I may never get another full night's sleep as long as I live! Sometimes when I can't sleep, I try to use my time wisely and pray for some of my close friends in need. On nights like those, I comfort myself by thinking that God specifically woke me up to lift that person up in prayer. On other nights, when I am not moved by the Spirit, I watch QVC. It is about the only thing on at 4:00 am. What do you do when you can't sleep? Are enough of us awake to schedule a Motley chat session in the dark early hours?


Lindsay said...

I am a sleeper, and thankfully so are my kids. I can't remember that last time we were up all night. Probably since Capri was born. And even that only lasted about 6 weeks. :)

Bryssy said...

Because of my most (ahem)recent medical condition, I am SOOOO tired all of the time! I am lucky because my hubby and mom have been helping more with the kids and letting me nap. However, I have been having CRAZY dreams and now wake up and lay awake at 3 am for at least an hour.

Normally, I pick up a book and read. But, with my kids and hubby in the bed with me, I try not to move and definitely don't dare turn on a light to read. So, I normally lay and obsess about my dream. Then, after an hour or so I finally drift off to sleep, just in time for the alarm to go off.

Not much help, sorry about that Pam!

Liz said...

I like to sleep, my kids don't, especially because they've been sick for like 200 months (or so it seems). It's a conundrum. If I can't sleep because of myself, I read or play around on Facebook or do crossword puzzles. I also drink Sleeptime tea every night before bed and take a lot of baths, too.

Bryssy said...

Sometimes when I am in the grocery store, I try to hold my hands like those QVC ladies. Your jewelry (real or fake) sparkles so good under fluorescent lighting!!

Donna said...

You're a hoot, Bryssy! I think the lack of sleep hasn't detracted from your sense of humor at all!

Pam, those infomercial-type shows just suck you in, don't they? The way they talk, just droning on and on, is almost soothing. I could care less what they're selling or what they're saying. It still sucks me in.
We don't have cable, so QVC is not an option, but Paul said he was folding clothes on Saturday while the kids napped and every single channel (including NBC, ABC, and FOX) was a different infomercial. In the middle of the day!
I remember looking forward to Saturdays as a kid because Dr. Paul Bearer of "Creature Feature" fame would host a different classic cheap horror flick on NBC every Saturday afternoon. Anyone remember him? "I'll be lurking for you!" was his trademark phrase.

fawnda said...

Hey Pam,
No sleep here either! I was such a fready-cat when I was younger I could not watch scooby-doo (true story! Ask Karly!) I still am afraid of most things at night... I cannot sleep alone, if My hubby is gone I have to stay at someone's house (or have someone stay with me)
My son is also NOT a good sleeper... he is up most nights at least onces. He mostly just hates to be alone... Since is is only 2 he can't really tell me what is wronge

I am up for some midnight chats! I also like to read if I can not sleep.

Lori said...

Pammy If you look on my facebook, I get on facebook and chat with people up to. I play the games on facebook and sometimes they make me sleepy or I surf the net.. research stuff. I don't sleep a lot because of my illness and not feeling good a lot so the internet saves me a lot of nights from going crazy!!!

Pam said...

Hi everyone - thanks for your comments! I was so behind on sleep that I spent most of yesterday catching up. I have recently become a fan of QVC jewelery - it all looks so pretty. Maybe Bryssy is right - maybe it is just the lights :)